Book Review: It’s Not Me, It’s You by Mhairi McFarlane

As an avid reader of romance novels, I’m always looking for new novels of the genre that I can devour. I get my updates about the latest novels by following the Chick Lit Club’s website. That’s how I discovered Mhairi McFarlane and her amazing novels. After reading ‘You Had Me At Hello’ and ‘Here’s Looking For You’, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a copy of It’s Not Me It’s You. I will post reviews of other two, but following is the review of this one.


Without giving away too many spoilers, I will quickly and briefly narrate the plot line. The heroine, Delia Moss in a comfortable life. She’s living her boyfriend of 10 years who owns a pub, while she’s working at the district council’s office in the Comms department. After deciding to propose to her boyfriend (YAY for feminism?) and getting a reluctant ‘yes’ she finds out via an accidental text that he has been cheating on her. (BIG YIKES) In a frenzy, she leaves her weeping boyfriend (now ex) and their beloved dog and goes to stay with her parents and brother to think things through. Due to a troublemaker blogger on the council’s website, one thing leads to another, (no, no she doesn’t sleep with him) she leaves her job and goes to stay in London with her BFF, Emma. There she slowly finds a job in a start-up PR firm. (DING DING DING DING) The firm owner is giant fluke (which we discover later). She meets a journalist, Adam West (as hot as his name! Hubba-hubba) who makes her life hell, in a few ways. Paul (the ex) still misses her and continues to miss and she’s (trying?) to move on. Basically, this is the gist. Without the spoilers.

It sounds very regular rom-com kinds, but it isn’t. Mhairi excels at word-play. It requires an art to keep the reader keep reading and reading; and she knows just how to do it.


Mhairi’s books don’t deserve anything less than 5 stars. This book is so good that I can spend my entire birthday (those who know me, know that my birthday is a big big BIG deal) reading this book and it would sum up to be a really fantastic birthday. (HEY, I’d still want cake and presents!)

What was unexpected in the book was that she kept the focus on Delia and how she’s trying to figure her way out. She doesn’t jump from one relationship to another, she doesn’t immediately forgive a cheating boyfriend. (SPOILERS) She does eventually. But, she doesn’t, really. This is my first post and I don’t think I’m doing justice. Let me try explaining. She writes these very well-rounded characters. Characters that you’d want to be best friends with, or end up with. Delia, Emma, Adam, Paul, Parsnip, Ralph, Joe, Steph. All of them.

The book will make you feel all kind of emotions- happy, sad, content, angry, mischievous and if you are not careful, you will laugh so hard that the whole cafe will turn around and stare at you and you still won’t stop laughing, because that is how funny she is.

Oh, and did I forget to mention, Delia keeps drawing this insanely awesome comic strips called The Fox which is awesome as hell! The Fox is fierce, strong, willing and insanely interesting. Although, there isn’t too much of the Fox, but she’s there. And she’s awesome. 

Basically, like me, you will end up reading it in one go.


I think this might be my most favorite section. Because while re-reading some quotes I highlighted, I laughed again. I’m not going to share all the quotes, because they carry huge huge huge spoilers. But, I will share just two.

Oh, and her and Emma and their interactions are awesome as hell. Except, I really don’t think Emma should have given Paul the permission in the end. Okay, I have given away enough spoilers.

Delia realised you should see plenty of people you love, because the meaningful conversations don’t happen in the first twenty four hours together, or forty-eight, or even the first few days. They came at moments like this.” ― Mhairi McFarlaneIt’s Not Me, It’s You



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