Book Review: You’re the One that I Don’t Want by Alexandra Potter

We spend out life pining after “the one that got away”, because that person was “the ONE”. This book is the perfect example of how the image we create and the thinking porridge we make up of scenarios in our head can, obviously, turn out completely opposite. SO, you kissed under the bridge in Venice at Sunset when the Church Bells rang, doesn’t mean you will want to be together forever. Or you didn’t do any of this, but just fell in love with them from a distance and never got a chance to act on it. There are a bazillion scenarios that makes a person “the one” for another one. Most, end similarly.

But, forget that. Okay, you have done the deed, you’ve kissed under that bridge ( I KNOW WHAT YOU WERE THINKING, PERV), i.e. so life is going to do it’s work of throwing you two together, even if you are completely fed up. This is what happens in the book. They somehow fall apart after the epic kiss and a session after (WINK WINK) and don’t meet again. But, as they grow more mature, a few years later. they tumble into each other and think OMG! I’ve found the one. But, have they? Soon, it figures that obviously they are not suited together. At all. They are completely different people. The person they made up in their heads- replica with tweaks- is way too different from the people they actually are. So, they decide to go the different ways. But, life keeps throwing them together.

Alexandra has a way with bringing a bit of old enchantedness to her stories. This is what I love about her books. Sure, realism is necessary, but we read to go into another world. And it isn’t Harry Potter kind of awesome magic, just little things. Magic of the life and little tiny miracles- sometimes in favor, sometimes otherwise.

My favorite part of the book is when after the break up, they’re still stuck together, with a bad car, one hotel honeymoon suite and their mutual dislike for one another. They end up in this dingy pub with a karaoke, where they sing ‘You’re the One I Want’ (OOH OOH OOOOOH) from Grease,  except they sing ‘You’re the One I DON’T Want’. It’s funny. Well, the way it builds up to it.

All in all, I’d probably read it again.

“I was in love with the idea of him. An ideal of him. Of who I thought he was. Of who he used to be.” 


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