Little Black Dress: A Basic Wardrobe Necessity

Swatiness. DressThere she struts in her Little Black Dress. Obviously, the rooster in our hen pack. All the glares, looks of envy, lust for the dress all of it followed her. She walked with her head high, in that Little Black Dress.  Confidence flowing like water tides at night, eyes tracing every step she made. Such is the effect of that Little Black Dress.

Little Black Dress, its ubiquity is such that it is often simply referred to as the “LBD”, has the most important corner in every woman’s wardrobe. Every woman looks great wearing it, and every woman has her own. It is the default date ensemble when it is one of those “I have nothing to wear” days.

Nothing in this world is consistent or for “forever”, nothing but the Little Black Dress. A fashion anomaly, the concept of the little black dress never changes, much unlike the trend-crazed industry. Through the years, the little black dress has undergone hemline, shoulder, strap and fabric variations and this season is no different.SwatinessSwatiness.

There’s a history to everything. There is always of how something began and so does LBD. It was during the 20’s that the legendary fashion designer Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel first stitched her name into the history of women’s clothing design. In fact, Chanel’s designs are often considered to be the epitome of the 20’s style because her work was so fresh, modern, and updated. . Coco Chanel’s creation of a LBD in 1920’s became a commandment for the women worldwide.  And since then, little black dress has become the epitome of timeless fashion.  She intended it to be long-lasting, versatile, affordable, accessible to the widest market possible and in a neutral color. Before her amazing introduction of these life savers, the color black was merely a color of mourning.

Audrey Hepburn, known for her beauty and amazing taste in fashion, took the trend to a Swatiness. AudreyBlaircompletely new level. She was spotted in LBDs throughout her movie, ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’. The trend of LBDs still lives in both Hollywood and Bollywood. Be it Jennifer Aniston, Blair Waldorf or Sofia Vergarar all of whom seem to have a soft corner for LBDs when it comes to dressing right. (Blair Waldorf. Always Blair Waldof.). Studies show, that the most common clothing reformed, used and innovated is usually a Little Black Dress, as in it still remains the most favorable clothing of a woman.

People have misconceptions that a LBD only looks well on thin, slim, beautiful and hour-glass figures. Well, like I said- it’s a misconception. LBDs have a magic and charm of suiting every woman, irrespective of their shape, size and figure. They have this aura of making every woman wearing them look like a true beauty.  Not only does it make a woman a lady it also makes her look slimmer and taller.

Choosing the right LBD is an important, important task. SMediaometimes, the LBDs chosen wrongly can you make one look like a complete disaster.  So choosing the right LBD is important. They have magic and charm, yes but choosing correctly is a crucially important.  Here are some tips (from the real pros) to remember while shopping your perfect LBD-

  • For Bottom Heavy– choose a little black dress that skims over the lower half of the body. Fuller skirts, disguise heavy hips, while showing off the waist. A fitted halter or strapless silhouette — which accents a trim upper body — is very flattering for bottom-heavy figures.
  • Flabby Arms– The trick is to keep the sexy element with embellishment or peekaboo cutouts on the little black dress. The long-sleeve dress covers up, but has plenty of sex appeal thanks to a square neckline and shoulder chain detail.
  • Petite– Look for a dress with a lot of shape and is scaled just right for your figure. Avoid too-cutesy looks SwatinessLBD(like puffed sleeves or giant bows) so you won’t look little girlish.
  • Plus Size– Just because your figure has curves doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a pretty little black dress. Show some skin and enjoy the flattering capabilities of a tiered dress
  • Unattractive legs– Don’t want to show off your legs? You can still look gorgeous in a little black dress, instead of hiding your legs in pants. Try wearing a longer skirt (mid-calf or longer)
  • Wide Shoulders– You don’t need to hide your upper body in a little black dress if you have wide shoulders. Instead, look for body-balancing details like the trendy asymmetrical neckline. Avoid puffy sleeves or voluminous tops paired with slim bottoms that will exaggerate your shoulder width.
  • Thick Waist– Disguise a thick waist in a little black dress by either raising, lowering or eliminating the waistline. A drop-waist dress, which hits somewhere around the hipbones, or empire waist dresses which have a raised waist are other good choices.
  • Full Busts– Balance a top-heavy figure in a little black dress by opting for the most flattering necklines for the full bust: the V-neck, square neck, wrap or portrait style. Look for fabrics that skim (jersey is good), but aren’t clingy or too stiff. Also, avoid ornate necklines, embellished bodices and blouson styles.
  • Small Bust- Most clothing actually hangs better on women with smaller busts, but if you want to add more volume up top look for embellishment or fullness on the bust. Strapless are usually flattering in such cases!
  • Too thin (this one’s for my best friend) – If your body lacks natural curves, add feminine presence with fullness. You can also pump up the volume with extra details like full sleeves, ruched waist, layers and ruffles.

Is choosing the type of LBD all? Of course not! It’s like how Coco Chanel said- Scheherazade is easy. The little black dress is hard. Now, that you know what TYPE to choose, let me give you ideas to accessorizing ideas to match with your LBD. When it comes to jewelry to go with LBD, some women tend to keep it old school with pearls. Many, nowadays, are inclined towards their best friends- diamonds. Black handbags are well suggested. Black sequined handbags- even better! Don’t go rainbow with your LBD. Bracelets- in white gold/ pearls work. Please avoid yellow gold. Yellow gold and LDBs just don’t gel. Dress shoes- now that’s where you can go a little bonkers. Just a little, though. Keep them black. No sport shoes. Ballerina flats work for some. But shoes with little heels are a better option. Stockings also work. Do shrugs work? Yes. But the color and the type of shrug depends on the type of your dress.

LBDs will never run out of trend, runway and fashion. They are rather an investment for the future. So, don’t think so much. You like it, it suits you, THEN BUY IT! Otherwise, you’ll be repenting it later. After all, don’t our elders always keep on telling- Invest your money on things that work. And trust me, Little Black Dress will ALWAYS work!


Oh and one last PRO tip to buying the LBD that suits you: Whenever shopping for that Little Black Dress, always ask yourself- What Would Blair Waldorf Say? 

Blair Judging

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