Postcards from Maldives

The perfect getaway, and not too far from the UAE, Maldives is beautiful. From the second the plane reaches close by, the never-ending waters will take your breath away. The landing strip is probably the most brilliant- a strip of land with the Indian ocean on both sides.

It doesn’t end there! There are no taxi drivers looming right outside the airport to take you to your hotel, Maldives plays it a little different. Several speed boats and captains await to take you to your destination.

I stayed at the Paradise Island. All most all resort islands have a similar theme- a coral to scuba dive near, parasailing and other water sport activities, live entertainment and feeding stingrays.

Unfortunately, when I traveled, I was struggling with the worst case of warts on both my feet- so much that I couldn’t walk a step without a padded bandage and socks. But, luckily, the salty waters actually helped soothe the pain and cure the warts.

And since I couldn’t feel any pain while I was in the ocean, I did first scuba dive in Maldives, and I’ve never felt more calm and peaceful, as I did in that hour under the water. It makes us think, everything around is so beautiful and soulful, why don’t we spend more time in quiet and wonder (I mean that is something coming from me, considering I’m never quiet, but still).

More words of adventure and advice to follow later! Enjoy the pictures!


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  1. sachini1981 says:

    Great post Swati! And beautiful photos ❤


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