Book Review: ‘We Were on a Break’ by Lindsey Kelk

I’ve always been an ardent reader of Lindsey Kelk’s. From the first of the ‘I Heart’ series, I’ve stuck along. ‘About a Girl’ even made it to my favourite reads that formed a sort of a refuge from a crazy life.

I had been waiting to get my hands on this book by Lindsey Kelk, so the second I saw it at the bookstore here, I picked it up.

Once I started reading the book, there was no putting it down. I literally went everywhere with the book- to work, in the car, at the salon, for the car wash- you name it, I took it. I didn’t want to put it down or even risk losing it momentarily – not till I finished it.

The book is about Liv and Adam, an English couple living in a little English town. The book alternates in both their perspectives and gives us a look into both their minds. This made the story more interesting to know what was going on in both their minds.

The story begins in Mexico- where Adam is about to propose to Liv, Liv knows he’s about to propose, but he gets scared and doesn’t. To make it worse, they bicker in the flight back to London, and when dropping her home- he says he wants a break. For what joy, even Adam doesn’t know.

So the story goes on, and when he comes to apologise, she decides she wants a break. More miscommunication and no communication later, Liv assumes that Adam kissed his hot client and more silly ensues. They are likeable and normal characters, who don’t drink themselves to death, it was easy to relate to them. Even the whole list of secondary characters- Abi, David, Cass, Tom, Chris were brilliant. Chris was a ridiculously self-important older brother to Adam, Adam was a self-employed carpenter and Liv, a vet. Even Liv’s cat, Daniel Craig has some serious character sass.

Within a few pages, I was having a laughing riot- their perspectives were so easily relatable and hilarious. Kelk sure has the writing thing wrapped around well. She writes with such flow and hilarity- that it is easy to fall in love with the characters, the story, get a few wise words and continue holding the belly with laughter whirls.

There are pop culture references throughout the book, kinda reminded me of Lorelei Gilmore’s banter from Gilmore Girls. I even visioned David to be pretty much like Michel from Gilmore Girls.

While the whole book was riveting, my favourite, and perhaps the wisest part of was when Liv’s mum comes to knock some sense into her and says,

All these couples breaking up at the first sign of trouble because they think there’s something easier around the corner- but easier does not endure. Easier is not worth time of the day.”

Even without the explanation of the context, it’s spoken in, the line does its job. The whole book sums up the importance of communication, and that if you tell your brother something, he will tell his wife, and if she’s best friends with your girlfriend- your girlfriend will know that you are about to propose.

All in all, I’d recommend it.





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