Finding Peace: Baptism Site, Jordan

Located not far from the Dead Sea, Baptism Site is truly enchanting and magical. The Baptism Site is in Bethany, right on the border of the Holy Israel and Jordon. Baptism Site was where the Son of God, Jesus Christ, was baptized by John, the Baptist. When you will walk in towards the path instructed you will see a golden Church far away, but close enough for the naked eye. It’s said to be in Jordon, but in from of me, the guide told was Israel. You see the border was in form of a curve. We walked along the path and saw the holy place where Jesus was baptized. Further ahead was the ‘Jordon River’, also known as the ‘Holy River’. Barely a river, just a small flow of water that passed. It is said that if you touch the holy water and make a wish true of heart, it comes true and when it does you must visit again to thank the lord.

I stood there looking at the river and country across from it. It was Israel. The one country I’d heard and read so much about. One of the most holy countries of the world. Being the centre to Christians, Jews and Zoroastrians. The Israeli flag was flowing with the breeze. It was the most wonderful feeling. You’re standing on a beautiful site, and in front of you, is another one. It the literal sense, of course. At that moment, to me, nothing felt wrong. Just for that moment, everything felt right. Forgot all my worries, just happiness and content set in my mind. It was truly a magical place to be in.

The Church of John the Baptist was very very beautiful. On the entrance of the Church was a beautiful mosaic on the floor, on the walls were paintings of John, the Baptist, baptizing Christ. There were also some very beautiful pictures kept there. My favorite was the one of Christ and Mother Mary. Inside the main hall were beautifully crafted chairs, artifacts and more paintings. The place had something very magical about it. It relieved me of the tension I always carry. Like I said, something magical about the place that it steals all your problems and just absorbs you in the beauty and love.

For after many days, I was brought to this delightful feeling of peace, safety and joy in my mind. It’s a wonderful place to be. The little scenery you see there, the friendly environment and the emotions of contempt and happiness it aroused, were worth revisiting for. After all, I’m holding on to that little wish I made, and when it does come true, I’ll be back there. Revisiting the peace, and joy.

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