10 Food Places I’d Take My Best Friend in Dubai

I keep eating stuff and making mental notes- and whatsapp voice notes to my best friend, Chandni of where I’d take her when she comes to visit me in Dubai. So, I tchand-1hought, why don’t I do a post about the ten places I’d definitely take Chand- without forgetting. Although, I’m pretty sure when she comes, we’ll be having every single meal and other meals in between everywhere.

First, about Chand. She is a fun girl who likes fish, burgers and desserts. Over the years, we have bonded over our mutual love for desserts and beer, in no particular order. She isn’t a fussy eater, but she’s a critical foodie. And because she’s an amazing baker and cook, she can be pretty judgemental about food. (Mind you that I’m a vegetarian!)

  1. Cocoa Kitchen
    I went there pretty recently and pretty much fell in love with the entire concept. So, basically, they use cocoa as a spice in all their dishes. Savoury and sweet, alike. And each dish is pretty exceptional. There, I’d definitely order Butternut Squash Coco Ravioli for me and a Coco Crusted Beef Brisket for her. For dessert, I wouldn’t let her miss their Brownie which was really one of the yummiest brownies I’ve had!


  2. Serendipity
    I’d take her here just for dessert. Their giant slice of cheesecake could easily pass as a proper meal. #NoJoke
  3. Butter Dessert Salon
    This would count as an ordering in- but I don’t think I’d want her missing this. This little home bakery makes the yummiest chocolate chip Nutella cookies with sea salt. And they are legit. They are so heavy that one cookie is probably as heavy as a cheesecake from Serendipity. She’ll love this- so we can’t not have it!
  4. Tribes Carnivore
    While there’s not much for me nom on here, she will love the meat haven that this restaurant is. It opened in September- I was actually a part of the PR team that was a part of the opening. Everyone freaked out about the food. And they called it a meat haven. I’ll stick to my salads and the view of the Burj Khalifa, she can freak out on the meat and the fun African tunes!
  5. La Petite Maison 
    Good wine, fine ambience and scrumptious food. Can’t miss the Buratta at this lovely establishment. And it’s a little fancy- so we get to dress up and pretend to be French posh.
  6. Reem Al Bawadi
    Say what you want, but I think this place serves exceptional Arabic food. And because you can’t come to Dubai and not eat Arabic food- we can’t be missing this one. They have many branches around Dubai, but I’d take her to the big one on Jumeirah Road. I’ve heard the Grilled Prawns at the establishment are incredible – so she will enjoy this!
  7. Angelina- the Dubai Mall 
    As much as I’d like to be in Paris with my best friend, dressed up in crazy colourful clothes, channelling my inner Blair, and her as my Serena, we can do a little of that in Dubai. When we will be out gallivanting and raiding the Dubai Mall, I’ll her to Angelina for a delicious Hot Chocolate. I’ve had a lot of hot chocolates, but nothing comes close to this one. We’d probably finish it off with Macaroons at Laudree.
  8. The Ripe Market- Al Barsha Pond Park
    Hoping that she comes during the season when the Ripe Markets are functioning, we’ll hit the food stands there. I’m thinking those giant New York pizza slices at Pitfire, followed by the dessert which I can’t remember the name of. It’s like this giant croissant cone thing ice cream in it.
  9. Friends Avenue Cafe
    Chand and I met in college, and the first we really bonded was over chocolate waffles and blueberry pancakes at this place called Peter’s Pan near the college. We were with this insane couple that couldn’t decide if they wanted to stay together or break up and this other insane dude who was continued talking about snakes for like an hour. All friends, of course. Anywhoo, I’m totally going to drag her here for their Friends Caramelized Banana and Strawberries Waffle and some crazy egg dishes.
  10. Freez
    They have the most amazing shakes. Chand and I love milkshakes. My favourite here is Nutella- although, my friend Natasha is totally obsessed with their Lotus shake. I can see us ordering milkshakes and little pancakes and maybe crepes. Basically, a lot of food.
    Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 8.06.57 PM.png

While, this is a very short entry to a long list of places we’d eat at- let’s sign some petitions to hurry her arrival! I miss my best friend!!!!

Author: Swati Jain

I am the girl who can talk and talk and talk and talk and still continue to talk. The most ideal way to make me heard is to share it with everyone else. I'm not new at this, but I hope to be in a uninterrupted continuation of posting what's on my mind! I hope you enjoy!

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