Getting a Driving License in Dubai

Dubai is the city of dreams, lights, and really tall buildings. I’ve been here a while now, and I really wanted to get a car to make life a little easier. You’d think getting a license would be a fairly simple task, right?


I applied for my driving license with EDI (Emirates Driving School) in the first week of April 2016. When did I FINALLY get my driving license? Last week of August 2016. That’s about 4 months.

Four long months of mental and emotional distress with a long shot of stress and did I mention that all of this is incredibly expensive?!

I failed at least once in every single exam- could be my fault- but I’m a first-time driver so I can blame my incredibly insane instructor right? The dude didn’t correct any of my mistakes- and how was I to know where I’m going wrong?

My theory exam I passed in the second go- which, okay, I take the blame for because I went in like a super confident sucker and failed by exactly 1 point. Yes, that can happen if you are me.

The Parking test- I failed twice. Bloody Parallel and Garage Parking. Although, every time I have to parallel park even now, I cry a lot on the inside. (It’s just not that easy, and it’s not like GTA where it’s okay to bump cars off, you know?)I spoke to a lot of people and pretty much everyone goes through the same torture.

The Internal test- passed in the third go! This is the part where I finally went and complained about my instructor. The new instructor was really good and did correct every single mistake I was making- which helped me.

The final test- passed in the second go!WHEW! This re-take was perhaps the most expensive one.

I spoke to a lot of people and pretty much everyone goes through the same torture. So I decided to do a little post about the emotional torture of getting a license in Dubai!

  1. Starts with being hopeful and a little smug sitting in the theory classes.
  2. Those 8 hour of theory classes that we all try to finish in one weekend.
  3. Giving the theory exam, gets us like…
  4. Before starting the actual driving classes, especially for a first time driver
  5. After 4 classes
  6. Before the parking test
  7. While waiting in the back seat for your turn for the parking test
  8. When you hit the pole in the back during your parking test
  9. Trial Number 3: Parallel Parking
  10. When you finally pass parking test
  11. Before the internal test
  12. And then you see the result of the internal test
  13. When you go back to doing a few more classes
  14.  And when you finally pass the internal test
  15.  After failing the final test
  16. After finally passing the final test

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