First World Problems in Dubai

Living in Dubai has a founded sense of entitlement. Take anyone who has been living in Dubai for longer than a year, and watch them flitter and panic about the littlest things.

Dubai spoils you in ways no other place does, so I thought, let’s ask around the different ways that it does to everyone around me. When I was jotting down the points everyone excitedly yelled at me, I had about 31 points in 15 minutes of a quick brainstorm. Here’s my pick of a few:

1. Always having to queue at the petrol station
The petrol is cheap and the life is hard- really hard, especially when you are stuck waiting in the queue to get your car’s tank full. What are you going to do with the next 9 and a half minutes of your life? 


2. When the delivery guy takes longer than 11 minutes and 32 seconds to get the grocery you ordered
I don’t think anywhere else in the world would this problem be so relatable! Imagine sitting by the door, hungry and waiting for the milk and bread to come. HURRRRY UP!!! 


3. Queuing up for Valet Parking
I can’t believe this is an actual problem- but it is. The worst of this is faced at Jumeirah Beach Hotel when all you wanted to do was have a dinner while admiring the views of the Burj Al Arab but the valet line sucks up 17 minutes of your time. God, just take my car and park it. Jeeez.


4. Having to explain your address
This, is again, a problem exclusive to Dubai. With no street names and zip codes, it’s so hard to explain your address to the Fetchr guy. Yes, turn at the Carrefour market, then left by the Zoom supermarket and then another left from the baskin Robbins- no no, the second Baskin robbins. 


5. Starbucks runs out of low fat milk and lemons
No, I didn’t order my coffee with low-fat milk and lemons, but I did want some low-fat milk in my half shot, caramel latte with a sprinkle of cinnamon and no sugar; and some lemon flavouring in my green tea I wanted with it. Ugh, will have to settle for full-fat milk and just a regular green matcha tea.


6. Beeping at the shop and nobody comes for a whole 2 minutes and 49 seconds to take your order
Okay, I have never done this, I would just park and get it myself. BUT- there are people who actually complain about it. I was at this milkshakes place, and the guys were busy with the customers inside the shop and couldn’t immediately run out to take the car’s order. I am not sure where else this would be acceptable behaviour…


7. Forgetting where you parked in Mall of the Emirates and the machine can’t find your number plate
Not sure how many of you know, but the Mall of the Emirates has this really cool machine on most exits where you can type your car’s number plates and find your car. I spent some 7 hours in the mall the other day, and I forgot where I parked- obviously. And the machine didn’t pick my number plate. I still have nightmares about it sometimes…


8. The delivery guy forgot to bring the card machine
I mean it isn’t enough that he’s come to delivered an AED 2 bread, a whole 12 minutes after I called, he forgot to get the card machine. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I’m going to go rant on facebook and Instagram story about it. #SoUnprofessional


9. When your favourite brunch place is overbooked and you have to settle for another restaurant that doesn’t sell your favourite beer by tap.
We are very entitled, us- who live in Dubai. And this is the REALEST problem in Dubai. Fridays are meant for brunching at our favourite restaurant- HOW CAN YOU NOT HAVE KEPT MY TABLE- I AM A REGULAR!!!! 


10. When all you wanted was to go to Downtown for a quick bite on a Wednesday evening, but all this traffic headed back to Sharjah. UGH
Sheikh Zayed Road is packed in the mornings to the way to Abu Dhabi and in the evenings to Sharjah. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. I hate all this traffic- It will take an extra 5 and a half minutes to reach Downtown. 



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