Book Review: The Year I Met You by Cecelia Ahern

“I always thought that being helped was a loss of control, but you must allow someone to help you, you must want someone to help you, and only then can the act begin.”

I’ve always been a fan of Cecelia Ahern, her narration and plots have their way of weaselling into my heart. And The Year I Met You definitely pulled at the strings of my heart. This is one of those books that you would want to slowly read and cherish for a longer time. I really wanted to take my long, sweet time to read it, because that’s how you read a Cecelia Ahern book, but then I wanted to read it because I wanted to find out what happened.

When you start reading it, you’d think it will be a love story of the lead characters, like every cliche chick-lit. But, it isn’t. The plot would seem like a simple one, but then all of Cecelia’s books start that way, till they really bring you down to tears and break your heart and then mend it over and over and over again.

There is Jasmine and there is Matt. Jasmine has a late, loving mother, an estranged father with a trophy wife and an adorable 5-year-old daughter; and a wonderful older sister who is proud of her down syndrome. Her sister is the brightest star in Jasmine’s life.

The story starts with Jasmine losing her job and being put on a year-long garden pay. She lives opposite Matt- the notorious Matt who’s popular for a radio show and making drunk scenes on most night. He lives with his wife and children. But due to his rowdy behaviour, the wife takes the kids and leaves him, and he is suspended from the show.

Both of them, with nothing to do, become unlikely acquaintances and eventually friends. Till the end, I kept anticiapting whether they will be more than just friends. Cecelia’s eloquent writing style aids you in losing yourself in the story.

The story isn’t anything magical, enchanting or glamorous it’s a story about two regular people, going through the problems that most people face- whether it’s seeking jobs, being a parenting sister, or an alcoholic. But, it’s the way Cecelia writes the story that makes it mesmerizing and enchanting for the reader that is a recommendable quality in any author.

It doesn’t just give you a brand new perspective about live, but is about cutting some slack on yourself and not being your own enemy. The characters are compassionately derived, which makes the emotions in the book rather vivid and enriching. There are so many instances where you can feel the pain of the protagonist.

This one’s for all genres- it’s not just a chick-lit. It doesn’t have any whirlwind dates and romances- it’s about becoming yourself and cutting yourself some slack.



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