6 Small Getaways if you live in the UAE

It is easier to plan small getaways when a bunch of long weekends are around the corner (read- the whole month of December), but when it’s not December and you don’t have more than a day off you can take- small getaways are the necessity for not hitting your head on the wall.

The 6 best places you can travel to if you live in the UAE and are in dire need of just a weekend and a day’s getaway:

In December, on a rather impulsive trip, I ended up in Georgia. It was a four-ish hour flight and is the easiest getaway. I spent a total of three days- which included flying out on Thursday night and landing back on Monday morning. It was cold and snowing and was just what I needed to getaway from Dubai. (I have already written a long itinerary of stuff that I did there- should you need some inspiration! Three days is plenty to see Tbilisi, Gudauri and the old city of Mtskheta.



You can actually go to Maldives in 3 days and back. It will fill up your itinerary, but the three days won’t fill up your heart with enough ocean breeze – especially if you are crazy about the water as I am. It’s beautiful, blue and just reminds you how beautiful the ocean and nature is. You can chill and do absolutely nothing – or you can do tonnes of water sports and run around the whole day and dance the night in the little island disco!

Delhi (India)


While 3 days isn’t enough for Delhi, you could try it. But, don’t try to rope in Agra, Jaipur, Amritsar, etc- because that will be extremely tiring and you won’t be able to really see Delhi! I’m actually planning to go with a weekend and a day with a few friends later in March just to eat and shop. Delhi’s the best place to do some amazing bargain shopping and eats lots of delicious street food (and fine dining). I’ll be sharing my “tourist” itinerary for Delhi soon!



I haven’t been yet- but it’s definitely on my list of places on one of the weekends. It’s only an hour’s flight away and you can even just drive to it. Besides, there’s so much to do. You could be camping, trekking, swimming, chilling on the beach- the options are limitless!



I am one for longer breaks – and while I went to Jordan and stayed for a good 6 days, you might want to go and come back in 3! Land in Amman and you could head straight to the Dead Sea and then to visit Petra. A Little tip- if you are there, do visit Bethany. It was where Christ was baptised but the Cathedral is beautiful!



In all fairness, there was a sign in Tbilisi that said the road goes to Baku and I was very tempted. But, Azerbaijan isn’t far from Georgia and the UAE. It’s not Europe’s most popular destinations (yet), but its a beautiful country, with lots of admirable architecture and the Caspian sea. It’s on the books for one of the weekends for me.



What would you recommend for me? 🙂

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