7 Reasons why I binged watched Netflix’s ‘The Crown’

After hearing people rave about Netflix’s The Crown, and watching all the trailers on YouTube, I decided- let’s watch this show. I do enjoy period dramas, after all.

I had little knowledge of what it was going to be about- mostly how Queen Elizabeth the second was crowned. Think the title and the picture gave it away.

Anywhoo, last weekend, I binge-watched the show. From the very first episode, I was gripped. I didn’t want to pause and take a break. That’s always a good thing when a show can do that to you- also not really because then that’s all you are going to do for the next 10 hours. (It’s 10 episodes, and each is about an hour long).

If you ask me, I can argue for the many reasons you have to watch the show- especially, if you are a history enthusiast. But, in 7 quick reasons (complete with gifs), here’s why I binge watched it.

  1. Matt Smith
    If you’ve seen Doctor Who, you’ll know him. And while many argue that David Tennant was the best Doctor- I strongly disagree. It was Matt Smith for me. His eccentric expressions and being was the perfect doctor. But, in The Crown he plays Prince Phillip. His expressions (and bum) are worth the 10 hours.
  2. The entire cast
    Netflix chose Britain’s best when they decided to cast for The Crown. Whether it’s Claire Foy as the Queen, Vanessa Kirby as Princess Margaret and John Lithgow as Winston Churchill- it is a stellar selection.
    And the real fact is, Claire Foy could have done the show by herself, and I would have still watched it.
  3. The grandeur
    It isn’t just the Buckingham Palace I’m talking about, but the general scale of the show was magnificent. While it is also Netflix’s most expensive show (and I’m talking 130 million pounds), the costumes, the interiors, the coronation crown were delicately selected- down to the smallest detail of the flowers in her wedding bouquet.
  4. How Elizabeth handled patriarchy

    Patriarchy is something that has been long prevailing in our world. Even the Queen of England was subject to it. She torn between her family, her husband and the State.My favourite part has to be when she called in the Prime Minister and the Lord to give them a hearing of their lives.

  5. The Romance
    While there’s a lot to learn about Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip’s 69 year old romance, the show gives a lovely insight on the ups and downs of their relationship. While their romance forms the backdrop to the show’s story line, it’s Princess Margaret and Captain Townsend’s romance you need to watch out for.
  6. Obsessions with the Royals
    Okay, I won’t call it obsession, but if you are intrigued by the Royal family-  I mean I have always been. I watched Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding religiously while it aired live- and I read every article leading up to the wedding and after. SO, if you are anything like me, you will enjoy watching the show and how real their lives can be.
  7. The Drama
    One always wonders and paints it like a fairytale that being a Royal would be fantastic and rosy. The Crown puts into light the best and the worst of Britain’s Royal family. Like the wedding of Queen Elizabeth to Prince Phillip- that no one actually approved of, Princess Margaret’s affair with Captain Townsend and how it played out, the arguments between the Queen and Prince Phillip, and such.


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