This Week’s 3 Beauty Bloggers to Follow!

I have a confession to make- I don’t know how to do my make-up. I’m really really shit at it. But, oh my god- I’m obsessed with watching makeup tutorials on Youtube and Instagram.  And I really mean obsessed. I can not- how much ever I try- get the same results- or even results that you’d recommend to be close to the real thing- but I’m mesmerised by all the many contouring, smoky eyes and the perfect no-make up look. (The only no-makeup look I can pull off is the one where I’m actually just wearing no make-up).

So, I had to put all my knowledge and wit and research to some use- and what better than to share with you, my beloved readers! (HI MOM!)

  1. Huda Beauty

    Huda Beauty
    Picture from Harper’s Bazaar Arabia Online

    Alright, if you don’t know her- you really have been living under a rock for a very long time. She is literally the most amazing and influential beauty blogger ever. Things she’s reviewed on her YouTube channel have sold out instantly. (PR girl pitch here- but – when she reviewed one of the FOREO LUNA devices {my amazing client!}, two of the four types of the devices actually sold out at Harvey Nichols and Bloomingdales in the region!). Her videos are funny and actually- if I were to follow them properly- would suit my skin type! And I mean, she’s a beauty mogul. She’s got her own line of eyelashes, lip contour pencils, lip mattes, highlighters and the buzz is she’s launching her own foundations soon- which if you ask me is super brilliant. I swear by her lip mattes! My current favourite is the Bombshell lip matte!
    And I’ve actually met her- and she’s so sweet and friendly!

  2. Kathleen Lights

    Kathleen Lights
    Picture from Instagram- Kathleen Lights

    After Huda, she’s the most fun for me to listen on YouTube. A Cuban-American beauty influencer- she knows what she’s talking about and is just funny to listen to. It’s funny, but her ‘Kat Chats’ are actually something I prefer over her regular beauty videos- mostly because they are start so simple and get so professional that I’m regularly lost- but I can’t help listening to them. She does regularly do series of products that she liked or didn’t like- which are funny and honest! She has her own palette, nail polish ranges and more too!  I’m yet to try her stuff- well whenever it’s available in this side of the world!

  3. Nikkie Tutorials

    Picture from YouTube: NikkeiTutorials

    I think she’s from the Netherlands- I’m not sure. But, this girl is funny. Yeah, if you haven’t figured out my trend yet- it’s I like funny beauty tutorials. She’s really quirky and an interesting character to watch. I feel like if I met her in person we’d just talk endlessly about any random nonsense. Her beauty tutorials are absolutely brilliant- nothing that I can copy because- alright I suck at makeup. But, I still like watching them- mostly in a hope that one day- just one day- both my eyes will have eyeliner of the same thickness without drawing on more than one time! She’s launched several things in collab with other brands!




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