Did you pack these? The 6 things you can’t travel without


So, I’m packing for my trip that I’m leaving for in less than 48 hours – and I am still running around looking for things. And the idea of the little things that we almost always forget came to my mind.

When we are packing- we concentrate on the more visible things- documents, outfits, shoes, accessories, skincare/beauty essentials, so we tend to forget the little things until we are already in the middle of our travel and saying, “Ah, damn it!”.

These little things, that I always should pack- but I forget- most of the time.

  1. Extra hair ties!
    I always forget to carry extra hair ties- I’ve ended up buying during my travels because the one I was wearing broke- and the spare that I wore on my hand is about to break.
    Okay, I can’t believe myself on not putting this first. But, that’s because I always forget to carry my toothbrush. Yeah, I know all hotels stock toothbrushes in the loo- but I can’t remember one time that I’ve actually remembered to carry it. Eh maybe you will.
  3. Tampons and Sanitary Napkins
    These- I never travel without. Even if I know I might not need them, I still take them with me.
  4. Safety pins
    If you didn’t think you needed these nifty little buggers- think again. You’re carrying a limited number of clothes- any rips/tears or emergencies- they’ll come in handy! Mine mostly help in changing the sim card for my phones!
  5. Band-aids, crepe band-aid and muscle pain relief cream. 
    For someone as clumsy as me- THIS is a necessity. Every country/city I’ve been to- I’ve twisted my ankle or injured by falling on my knees.
  6. Small stain remover
    If you are packing band aids- it’s a safe bet to say you might be from the clumsy club like me. Keep a little bar of stain remover to get rid of any coffee stains and more!

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