6 Most Romantic Places

If you haven’t guessed it already- I love romance. While it might be currently non-existent in my life, a girl can still dream, right? I thought why not share the top 5 places on my list for a little romance! So, if you’re booking your little getaway to catch up on the looo-uve, here’s 5 places you can go! (Future Mr. Swati Jain, if you’re reading, take notes!)

  1. Venice, Italy
    This is actually my dream honeymoon destination. In the many romance novels I’ve read, Venice has always been romanticized- even in movies. All those bridges, gondola rides, cheese, wine, sunsets, and the singing gondola rider. The city’s gothic architecture and the little alleyways are literally inviting you and your SO to lose yourselves!
    I mean, come on, picture this- both of you, snuggled together on the gondola, while it sails through the little bridges during the sunset and just as you two are about to kiss, somewhere far away Church bells start to ring… Nice, right?
    And since you’re already in Italy- maybe spare a day for Verona? See the inspiration behind Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet!
  2. Paris, France
    Don’t I know this one is a total cliche? Yes, I do. Then why am I still adding this? Because it is the perfect place for romance and here’s why: where else will you get the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and Disneyland in the same place? With its beautiful lanes, exquisite macaroon flavours from Laudree or Pierre Hermes, and Hot Chocolate from Angelina, the city’s views from the Eiffel Tower after a stroll down the path with the most celebrated painting, Mona Lisa- what’s not to love and about love?
    Picture this- walking, nay running, in Disneyland to your favourite ride with Mickey Ears hat and your partner in tow!
  3. Maldives
    There’s a reason why people keep talking about the never-ending waters and beautiful water villas in Maldives. It’s peaceful. Mind you- I went there with my family and I couldn’t help but wonder how amazing it would be to visit with a beau. The blue ocean, the colourful corals, the fun water sports and of course the option of completely disconnecting with the world.
  4. St. Moritz, Switzerland
    Well.. you’re literally on top of the world feeling top of the world. What could be better? Nothing better than to cozy up in the original winter wonderland with a hot drink, good book, a blanket and the SO.
  5. The Greek Islands
    Whether you’re jetting off and running around in Santorini, Mykonos, Nafplio, or Corfu- every single island has its own story, and a unique enchantment. Whether you’re exploring the sandy beaches, running up and down the stairs around the city or siting in a little cafe wondering what food you’ve been served- Greece calls for romance!
  6. Egypt
    You only really have bollywood to blame for this. Ever since I K3G, this one’s been on the list. But, who wouldn’t like endless sands, oldest of the world’s architecture and a lot of romance?
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