9 Signs She Works in PR

Know how to spot a lunatic PR person when you see one.

  1. She has a gift of the gab
    Swatiness_Signs she works in PR_1.gif
    One of the reasons several people take up PR is because they can talk continuously, for hours. Most of these were labelled “chatterboxes” and given regular time-outs in school for talking too much.
  2. She has a knack for creating stories out of thin air
    Swatiness_Signs she works in PR_2.gif

    On more than one occasion, you know she has created extremely convincing stories from nowhere, whether it’s to get away from detention or attending a boring invitation.
  3. Socialising is actually a hobby for her
    Swatiness_Signs she works in PR_3.png
    There are people who stay away from meeting other people, and then there is her. Socialising ranks pretty high up on her favourite hobbies. She makes an actual effort and enjoys meeting people, and visiting new places, and meeting more people. What a total weirdo.
  4. Moderator by cause, on more than one occasion
    Swatiness_Signs she works in PR_4.gif

    Crisis communication, in other words, is one of her excelling points. She is almost always the one relied upon to solve any squabbles between family, friends and total strangers.
  5. She also moonlights as an Agony Aunt
    Swatiness_Signs she works in PR_5.gif

    It’s true that she never shuts up- except when you need her to listen. With a warm heart and ear, she is often entertained with stories of emotional turmoil from those seeking advice on life and image management.
  6. She is well-read and up-to-date with all the goss and news.
    Swatiness_Signs she works in PR_6.gif

    She knows how important it is to have some substance, than just style to back her chip. She reads often, well and a lot, and try to keep everything that is happening around the world- fictitious and otherwise. Whether it’s Ben and Jennifer’s heart-breaking divorce details or why Indians are currently boycotting Snapchat- she’ll know it all. And it’s very rare she’ll be modest about it. 
  7. She can multi-task
    Swatiness_Signs she works in PR_7.gif

    She has mastered the techniques of multi-tasking. PR experts encounter several tasks on a daily basis, most of which are solved at the same time. She is somewhat in a  capacity to handle 5 things at once- in what she would call an “organised manner.”
  8. She knows her Social Media words and hashtags
    Swatiness_Signs she works in PR_8.gif
    It’s a new age, and the social media is here to stay. In a region like the Middle East, where social media is the norm, everyone has a firm handle on Social Media. But trust her to know who is who, and are “in” on the latest social media trends. She knows what works, and “who” is here to stay.
  9. She actually enjoys writing too
    Swatiness_Signs she works in PR_9.gif
    Well, if she can’t write, her affair with public relations won’t be a lengthy one. She probably got into PR because she likes to write and can crack a well-worded story, whatever platform it is for.


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