6 Things to Pack if You’re Coming to Dubai in the Summer

Most countries have a few months that are known as the “tourist season”, in Dubai it’s all-year around. And with summer break coming, there are so many people flying into Dubai to travel and visit the futuristic city. With temperatures easily crossing 45 celsius, it’s only going to get hotter.

Living in Dubai, we know what to carry around to survive, so I thought why not do a piece on what to carry to Dubai in the summer!


  1. Sunscreen

    Whether you are planning to soak in the sun or not, the sun is going to soak you in its rays. Carry good sunscreen that isn’t too oily on the skin (because it wouldn’t look flattering in the pictures).
    In case you forget, every supermarket and medical store have a good collection to choose from.
  2. Umbrella-ella-ella-eh-eh-eh (and hats and sunglasses)
    200w_d (1)
    If you want to see the sights and walk around the town- even if for 10 minutes- listen to Rihanna and stand under an umbrella. Whenever I take the metro, I’d rely upon my trusty (pink) umbrella to save me from the scorching heat and an impending migraine.
  3. A light cardigan
    giphy-downsized (1).gif
    It might be cold outside, but it will be freezing inside the malls- especially Dubai Mall (because of the ice rink) and Mall of the Emirates (because of Ski Dubai). Make sure you carry a little cardigan- especially if you get cold quickly like I do!
  4. A Map
    200w_d (2)
    Or you know Google maps- if you’ve got a data plan. It’s very normal to sit in a taxi only for the driver to tell you that it’s his first day at work. It’s very common for it to take a while!
  5. A Light Bottle of Water
    200w_d (3)
    It is hot and you will get very thirsty. Do I need to explain more? You will pretty much get a bottle of water on every supermarket, metro station marts and more- but it’s just smarter to carry a small bottle in the bag everywhere.
  6. Larger (empty) Suitcase
    giphy-downsized (2).gif
    Especially if you are coming to visit during the Summer Sale- with everything tax free, you will end up buying things you will never use.


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