Beach Bag: What to put in there!

I was thinking, and while most of my plans to the beach are super imprompt, I keep forgetting what to really take with me. So, I thought, why not make a little check-list for beach days!

Beach Tote: this is where a good beach day resides. Not by the beach, but by this. This is where everything goes!

Sunglasses: it’ll be sunny, don’t question it- just keep it.

Hat: And you know a hat to keep you safe from the sun- even if you’re planning to tan. You wouldn’t want to be with a headache and be the only one missing post-beach drinks!

Swim-wear: Often, when unplanned- this is what I actually forget to carry to the beach. I’m not even kidding. So, this is definitely one for this list!

Sandals!: You can carry all the chappals you want, but this little baby will transform you from beach day to post-beach night drinks wear 😉

Beach Towel/mat: This is where you plop your bum down and pretend to be enjoying the sun.

Good reads: This is what actually helps you through the beach day. I NEVER forget a book when I go to the beach. I’ve forgotten beach towels, swimwear, extra pair of shoes, even sunscreen- but, I’ve never been without a book!

Cover up: A quick cover-up that you can throw over your swim wear is always required! Especially, if you live in Dubai!

A quick change of clothes: I always carry a quick dress or shorts and tee so I can be ready to go somewhere else, which is always the case.

Sunscreen: Let me break it to you- in Dubai, you must always, always have, wear and carry sunscreen. Fin

Hairties and anklets: Because I like carrying colourful things! Haha

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I am the girl who can talk and talk and talk and talk and still continue to talk. The most ideal way to make me heard is to share it with everyone else. I'm not new at this, but I hope to be in a uninterrupted continuation of posting what's on my mind! I hope you enjoy!

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