The Most Instagrammed Locations Worldwide

Earlier today, while doing my regular research about travel and travel trends- I read that a travel website, Travel Bird had recently release the world’s most instagrammed locations around the world.

So, obviously, I had to share.

  1. Disneyland, California
    Swatiness_Instagrammed Locations_DisneyWorld California 2Swatiness_Instagrammed Locations_DisneyWorld California
  2. Eiffel Tower, Paris
    Swatiness_Instagrammed Locations_Eiffel Tower 1Swatiness_Instagrammed Locations_Eiffel Tower 2
  3. Walt Disney World, Florida
    Swatiness_Instagrammed Locations_Walt Disney World
  4. South Beach, Florida
    Swatiness_Instagrammed Locations_South Beach FLoridaSwatiness_Instagrammed Locations_South Beach FLorida 2
  5. Berlin Wall, Berlin
  6. Las Vegas Strip
  7. Big Ben, London
    Swatiness_Instagrammed Locations_Big Ben, London
  8. Times Square, New York City
    Swatiness_Instagrammed Locations_Times Square
  9. Notre Dam, Parisian Region
  10. Oktoberfest, Bavaria, Germany
    Swatiness_Instagrammed Locations_OktoberFest.jpg

The list was detailed into the most instagrammed locations in USA and worldwide and can be read here: Travel Bird


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