4 Closets to Raid in Dubai

Dubai is the fanciest- but, everyone knows that. And Instagram is where all of Dubai’s trends are born and where they go viral from.

There are certain walk-in wardrobes (and I know these have to be walk-in because NO way a simple closet on the wall will be able to hold all of this brilliant-ness!) that I’d definitely like to raid and rob!

  1. Nicole On Trend
    Okay, this woman is a GEM of a person. And it isn’t just the PR talking. She has been incredibly supportive to me and is just amazing. She’s got the most amazing sense of humor (mixed with a little English sarcasm), and don’t even get me started on her closet. I’ve told her time and again that if she’s robbed and the robber has only looted her bags, shoes and clothes- it’s probably me.
    Her Chanel opening videos are fantastic, and she has an amazing sense of fashion.
  2. Kelly Lundberg
    With GOOD reason. This woman is a stylist- and if you look at her, you’ll 100% think she’s straight out of University and probably gave Blair Waldorf and Serena Van Der Woodsen some styling tips. Definitely, one to follow!
  3. Milli Midwood
    She’s an unsung hero of Fashion in Dubai, in my opinion. I always watch out for her pictures. They’re this poetic mixture of pastel and pretty!


  4. Samantha Francis-Baker
    When she’s not styling some big fancy photoshoots and brands, she’s styling herself into some really fab outfits. Her instastories are fun to watch- she’s quirky, young, fresh and fabulous!

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