Pictures are Deceiving

Pictures speak a thousand words, but sometimes, they sure are painting a deceiving story.

This is the story of my trip to the Baakline Waterfall in Lebanon. It was rather simple. We were planning to go to the Baatara waterfalls, which are btw- STUNNING! But, when we were putting the list together for the next day’s itinerary in Beirut- we noticed it was rather out of the way of the other places we were planning to do that day. To go to Baatara would have meant we skipped on 3 other places we were planning on going.

But, still adamant on going to a waterfall, we googled it- and based on a 10 minute comprehensive research on various blogs and trip advisor- we decided to take detour and visit the Baakline Waterfalls instead.

Here are some pictures we saw when we looked it up:

Swatiness_Pictures can be decieving 1.JPG

So, obviously, it looked beautiful and a close second to what we thought Baatara could have been.

Next morning, we told the driver of where we wanted to go, he obvs thought we were total travel pros- going to offbeat locations which no tourists go to- and only some local Lebanese go to.  But, it all sounded good and off we went.

We had a packed day earlier and the waterfalls were the last place in the afternoon. When we go there- which was a rather a rocky road, at first glance- it wasn’t even close to being anywhere near the word impressive. It was like a little drain floating- but then we saw the way went in somewhere..and so… we followed.

I won’t make this a mystery story- what it was a really, really small waterfall surrounded by a little bed and breakfast and a restaurant. There were a few ducks, and this bird (who’s-species-I-Can’t-remember). The pictures made it seem like this amazing waterfall- completely natural where people could just be. There was not one picture which said it was actually around like a restaurant, is what I mean.

In the end, we ended up relaxing, having some delicious local food (we’re vegetarians, so we had Battatta H


arra {Fried Potatoes kind}, Humus and Filafel). We unwinded for 2 hours- not that we could jump in the water- so the extra clothes stayed put in our bags.


We did get some really cool pictures to fool more people- which was funny.

See for yourself!


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One thought on “Pictures are Deceiving

  1. Gorgeous pictures! It looks beautiful but not like the pictures hey? I have had the same thing happen to me before where I have had a completely different idea about how a place would look based on overly edited/excessively filtered pictures. This is why I do minimal editing to my pictures and try to make sure they look as close to as how they look in reality as possible :).


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