Book Review: ‘Just Haven’t Met You Yet’ by Cate Woods

I ordered this book off Amazon to Delhi when I was there last. I had ordered like 15 books- and this was one of them. It’s Cate Woods debut novel and it came highly recommended from all the GoodReads reviews.

The book is very interesting, and the protagonist, Percy James SUPER hilarious. The book, based in Norwich and London, follows her and her confusing attempt at sorting out her life. On paper, she has the perfect boyfriend, a comfy job, normal set of friends- but in reality, she’s miserable. She’s kinda bored at her job, her boyfriend doesn’t exactly “excite” her- but her friends, yeah, they are the only good thing.

So while she’s living, what she believes is her perfectly mediocre, boring, routine of a life, EROS Tech approaches her. EROS tech is a company that have some bizarre algorithms that find you your soulmate- irrespective of the gender. Slightly amused, and mostly curious, Percy agrees to meet with her “soulmate” when the bossy, marketing lady from EROS approaches her.

In Percy’s head, she’s assuming without a doubt that the “soulmate” is a man. When she gets there- and this is where it starts getting funnier-it’s a woman. Freaked out, she makes an excuse and leaves. Although, she did have a fantastic time with the sexy, rich soulmate woman, Flora.

Anyway, she goes back to her regular life and after a conversation with bossy, marketing lady about women’s gender fluidity- Percy’s as confused as ever. So when invited to a party by Flora in London, she accepts. There she kisses the woman- only to realize, while she might enjoy Flora’s company, her sexuality is definitely straight, and also her perfect boyfriend is under the assumption she’s out with her work friend. Out of the party, she gets mugged- and there is one of the three musketeers, Milo to help her out. No kidding, he was dressed as a musketeer.

She has to call the perfect boyfriend and tell him she’s definitely not out with work friend and needs train money to make her way back to Norwich from London. She gets home super late and the next day- she breaks up with the guy. Not because of Flora or Milo- but because she finally realizes that they aren’t suited for each other.

And then the book follows her many drunken nights with her friends, her work, another date with Flora when she comes clean about being straight and more encounters with Milo.

451 pages later, it’s Milo she ends up with. Now, that’s the plot for you- in a really long way.

While the book sheds a lot of light on the character of the protagonist, the other characters don’t get enough details or a back-story. I wish Cate had elaborated a little more about Percy’s friend Charlie, and on Adam (the perfect boyfriend), Maggie (Percy’s hip grandma), Flora and even Milo. Although, I’m glad she didn’t elaborate on Mel (the crazy work buddy)- she was a 30 something woman DEDICATED, I repeat- DEDICATED- to Michael Buble’.

But, other than that- the circumstances in the book are quite realistic and hilarious. I really did not expect the soulmate to be a woman- just like the protagonist. And it was so convincing that the match might/might not be right. The funny parts were well written and thought through. The book really did surprise me and had me screaming very loudly- sometimes with laughter and sometimes with shock. It was very easy to connect to the protagonist- because despite all the crazy circumstances- what she’s thinking and going through, and concludes too seemed very real.

It’s the perfect book to read on a break, and will have you cracking within 2 chapters.

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