Favourite TV Couples

  1. Monica and Chandler

    Swatiness_Tv Couples-Monica and Chandler

    Everyone’s who ever seen Friends have them on their list. A long time ago, my best friend, Sonia and I created an entire list of reasons for everything we know about ‘love’ was from Chander and Monica. Reasons included their characteristics- funny and OCD, friends first, lovers second and the perfect match- they are my favourite TV couple. I don’t know about you, my favourite episode is ‘The One Where Everybody Knows’. ( THEY DON’T KNOW, THAT WE KNOW, THAT THEY KNOW THAT WE KNOW!).

  2. Chuck and Blair

    Swatiness_Tv Couples-Blair and Chuck

    When at first they got together- I was weirded out. I thought Blair should be with Nate and not the creepy Chuck Bass. But, come season 2, my opinion changed. Chuck brought out the best and worst of her- and enough to still want to be with her. Blair gave it everything to bring out the best of Chuck. Minus all the expensive presents, dinners, “rich people drama”- the couple was quite realistic when it came to the relationship. I loved when in Season 4 beginning, they’re in Paris at the train station- and Blair drops everything when she finds out Chuck’s there and tells him to come back to New York. I, ESPECIALLY, loved it when they finally got married and how!

    Swatiness_Chuck Balirgiphy

  3. Uncle Jesse and Becky

    Swatiness_Tv Couples-Jesse and Becky

    I spent a lot of time watching Full House- and while the coolest relationship on the show was of Danny and his cleaning supplies (just kidding, it was Michelle and Uncle Jesse), Uncle Jesse and Becky were a pretty awesome TV couple. They used to support each other’s insanity, careers, goals, family and each other.

  4. Logan and Veronica Mars

    giphy (2)

    I was SOOOOOO upset when Duncan ran away with the baby- that definitely meant the end of Duncan and Veronica, but as Logan and Veronica started their relationship- it became pretty clear who she really suited with (read: Logan). Their relationship had a different dynamic- slightly messed up, but it suited their characters. That said, this is one of the best detective shows I’ve seen- you should REALLLY watch it.

  5. Bones and Booth

    Swatiness_Tv Couples-Brennan and Booth

    I stuck through all the 12 seasons. I started watching Bones during their 4th season- and couldn’t miss an episode. Every episode, to me, was the most fascinating thing- and I literally wouldn’t do anything for the hour (especially eat when the body was still being “recovered”). Seeley Booth and Temperance ‘Bones’ Brenan’s relationship was the highlight of the show. Of how they eventually went from being partners to a couple.

  6. Ross and Rachel

    Swatiness_Tv Couples- Ross and Rachel

    They were on a break, but Ross shouldn’t have slept with the photocopier girl. I wanted to slap the man’s idiot face when he did. And all the missed opportunities of being with Rachel- stupid, stupid man. But, despite all the flights, fights and longing looks they shared- Ross and Rachel were made for each other.

  7. Jane and Rafael

    Swatiness_Tv Couples-Jane and Rafael

    I know, I know so many people who supported Jane and Michael- but. I’ve always been Team Rafael. Oh, the man is way too sexy. I wish he didn’t break up with Jane when he did- then they’d still be together. I got on the whole Michael and Jane boat when he recovered from the hospital after the shooting. But, then they went and killed him. So, I swam back on the Team Rafael boat. Rafael and Jane, especially now, have a beautiful relationship and co-parent the cutest toddler, Mateo.

  8. Barney and Robin

    Swatiness_Tv Couples-Robin and Barney

    The only reason I stuck with this mind-numbingly silly show, How I Met Your Mother was to watch Barney and Robin get together. Only for the writers to ruin it in the last 3 minutes of the series. Robin and Barney complemented and completed each other in a way nobody else would have.

  9. Schmidt and Cece

    giphy (5)giphy (3)

    The best thing about New Girl might be Jessica Day, but the best romance on the show is Schmidt and Cece. The crazy levels that Schmidt went through to be with Cece are brilliant- even crashing her mass Indian “date” thing in an Indian groom’s attire. They have an amazing chemistry, understanding, and relationship.

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