Dubai’s Trendiest Places

There are barely parts of Dubai that aren’t fancy and trendy- barely. In that theory, it’s probably won’t be an easy job to find Dubai’s trendiest spots right? But, Foursquare, did! They curated a list of 15 of Dubai’s fanciest places. And yes, most of them are just restaurants!

  1. Jetty Lounge
    Swatiness_Dubai's Trendiest Places_The Jetty Lounge
    Located in the One&Only Royal Mirage, the Jetty Lounge is the nicest beach-side place to have a few drinks by and watch pretty sunsets. Obviously, it’s not the best choice for the summer months!
  2. Zuma
    Swatiness_Dubai's Trendiest Places_Zuma
    They have the best miso soup and maki rolls of all time. Unfortunately, as a vegetarian there isn’t much that I can eat there- but all my fellow diners keep ooh-ing and aah-ing over the sushi and the salmon.
  3. Vida Downtown
    Swatiness_Dubai's Trendiest Places_Vida Downtown
    I was actually very happy to see this one on the list, see I do their PR. But, honestly Vida Downtown is beautiful! They also organize the coolest Art events and support regional artists and designers. Sounds like a PR pitch, doesn’t it? It’s not. It’s actually a really cool hotel- and they serve the yummiest yogurt, granola and fresh berries parfait in town. Don’t just take my word for it- try it!
  4. Sum of Us
    Swatiness_Dubai's Trendiest Places_Sum of Us
    I ended up there for a meeting, actually. But, the bread and the pasta and coffee was so good- I ended up spending my lunch hour there. They have the yummiest selection of desserts – which are gluten-free sometimes. Always have the chocolate exam. It’s literally what I eat every time I go there. Unless it’s sold out. Which has also happened- twice. 😦
  5. Farzi Cafe
    Personally, I haven’t been there and I’ve heard mixed reviews about the place. It’s in City Walk which is already Dubai’s swankiest location, and it serves Gastro-styled Indian cuisine. It’s always full of people and pretty instagrammable. If you do visit it, do let me know what you think!
  6. 360*
    Swatiness_Dubai's Trendiest Places_360
    Probably giving you the best view to Burj Al Arab, 360* is super popular with the young crowd (and seldom the creepy). Don’t forget your high heels at home.
  7. La Serre
    Swatiness_Dubai's Trendiest Places_La Serre
    This one’s also in Vida Downtown- though I don’t PR it! They serve amazing french cuisine with the most amazing selection of desserts and cocktails. It’s chic and has the perfect view to the Burj Khalifa. It’s ideal for a quiet date night or a girls’ fancy cocktails evening.
  8. Roberto’s
    Swatiness_Dubai's Trendiest Places_Roberto's
    This was my first-ever PR client when I first started working in Dubai. Located in DIFC, they have another side of the view to the Burj Khalifa (although, it looks the same from any directions!). It’s an Italian restaurant, and one of the most popular one in the city. Their tiramisu is amaaaaaazing.
  9. Buddha Bar
    Swatiness_Dubai's Trendiest Places_Buddha Bar
    Every time I’ve been there- it’s been very smoky. And I don’t like smoky. But, you might like it. They do serve really amazing cocktails!
  10. Le Petite Maison
    Swatiness_Dubai's Trendiest Places_LPM
    I was surprised how long it took for the list to mention LPM. It’s actually insanely popular in Dubai, and in the cooler months, it’s very difficult to get a table booked. You have to do one of those 11pm dinners and skip the dessert. Book ahead, and do NOT in any circumstances miss the dessert!

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