Blair Waldorf’s Best Outfits from Gossip Girl

If you’ve known me for a while, or have been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know that I love Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl. I still watch reruns of the show on Netflix to gather some fab wisdom from Ms. Waldorf.

So, this weekend, when I was watching the reruns of the show- I was thinking about pretty everyone’s costumes on the show are, especially Blair. It made obvious sense to write an entire article dedicated to her best looks from the show.

While I’m not the biggest Serena Van der Woodsen fan, she did have a fabulous wardrobe – that I will want to rob, so I’ll when inspired by her outfits do an entire or well, part of a post to her outfits.

The Green Coat

How stunning is this look! This was my favourite look from Blair’s entire selection- in fact I was so obsessed with this green coat- that I actually ended up buying a coat in the same colour- a different style, though.

The most beautiful Elie Saab wedding dress for the much awaited wedding!

This red dress in which she was supposed to go meet the Prince, but ended up running to the train station, to Chuck Bass. And then happened my second favourite scene in the history of the show. 

And then this look, even though she was with Lonely Boy. *insert massive eye roll here*


Give her any shade of red in every fabric and she could literally carry it like a Queen that she is. I’m especially fond the dress in net with the boys on it.

And this green dress- because Blair Waldorf can even make a curtain cloth look chic.


I liked the Dior bags and cool french hat that no one but Blair could carry, but most of all, I was a big fan of these jackets she was often wearing so effortlessly.

And even though her wedding to the Prince was nothing but a nightmare, her wedding dress (and tiara) was what dreams are made of.


These two prints are very alike- with similar colour combinations and patterns- but two completely different designs. These are something that I’ll have lots in my wardrobe of.

One of my most favourite looks from the show, this one shoulder, polka-dot dress that she wore in Paris in Season 4.

Seriously, where did the stylists find all these amazing blazers?!129113753_10

Paris-chic. Some of her best looks are from season 4. Interesting!


All this heart-warming dash of yellow!!


Let’s not forget this stunning look-26-leighton-meester-gossip-girl

Or this stripey dress from the steps of the MET.


And all these floral options that are especially pretty.

She even made the granny coat look chic?!


And this pretty number-


Never in a million years would I be able to carry a dress as beautiful as the one below as effortlessly as Leighton Meester’s character does.


And this pink ensemble with a giant bow. Not many people who can carry it as well as Queen B


And finally this black dress from the very first episode. Can we talk about how PRETTY her headband is!


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