Why we Throw Coins in Fountains?

Whenever we see a fountain- an especially old fountain with flowing water, we see an abundance of coins on the bottom of the fountain floor. We are all guilty of dropping coins in the water- whether we believe or not- in magic of wishes coming true. At least, I am.

This tradition of dropping coins in the water started a really long time ago- but for completely different reasons. Back then, coins were made of copper, and clean drinking water wasn’t steadily available. Dropping copper coins in the water, because of the magic of chemistry cleaned the water and made it better for drinking. So, people used to drop coins in water fountains.

I know this totally takes away the romantic appeal of closing your eyes, making a wish and dropping a coin in the water- but it kinda doesn’t. Think about it, dropping coins in fountains has been a long running tradition. In the olden times, they dropped it- wishing for a longer life and cleaner water. Our wishes- might be a little more elaborate though.

Even if you don’t see me by the fountain, know that I’ve already dropped my coin and a wish in it already.



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