Book Review: ‘A Kept Woman’ by Louise Bagshawe

‘A Kept Woman’ was a birthday present from my friend, Lucy (Hi Lucy!!). She appreciates my taste for cheesy romance novels and the author being one of her favorite, she wanted me to read her. Needless to say, I was super excited!

So, after having it for 2 months, I finally got around to reading it (in my defense, I just bought 16 new books!).

The plot revolves around Diana Foxton nee Verity. A British beautiful lady who has just married a media mogul and moved to NYC. She’s hosting the fanciest parties that everyone wishes to be invited to, she’s shopping like there’s no tomorrow and is in general giving the spoiled princess vibe. Meanwhile, “dear” Mr. Ernie Foxton, her husband, is firing people left and right in the publishing company he’s heading and sleeping with random women.

In comes Michael Cierco, a small publishing guy who is trying to make it big. Ernie first convinces Cierco to join his publishing giant company- and somehow, to prove her husband something, Diana ends up working for Michael. Though they are equally hard working, and kinda totally attracted to each other, they don’t get along.

Fast forward a few chapters, Ernie fires Michael, lets Diana (purposely) walk into a room of him (Ernie) and his mistress. This results in an angry Michael and even angrier Diana. What follows is Diana and Michael starting their own company and struggling their way up from dust.

That’s all of the plot I’m going to tell you but that’s because I don’t want to give anything away. It was a really nice book and made for some interesting bath reads. (I didn’t get too much time to devour it in one sitting).

With brilliantly elegant descriptions of their sex lives, and an essential back story that is somewhat realistic- it is an excellent read for those enjoy themselves a little contemporary romance. I know that I do. When I finished the book, the first thought that popped into my mind was that it was essentially a Mills & Boon with a well-written and worded story.

Diana’s character and feelings are very elaborate and help paint quite a picture of her character. She was easy to relate to and did not come across as a do-goody heroine- which is the case in several books. I wish she’d given more on Michael- because he sounded like a darn good character.

I’d say, buy the book and take it with you for a long flight read or to a beach vacation- it’s perfect for a relaxing read!

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