Life Lessons I Learnt from Jab We Met

Don’t know if you know, but Netflix loaded my favourite movie- Jab We Met. The movie starring Kareena Kapoor-Khan and Shahid Kapoor is one of the best and most relatable movies ever made. A first by Imtiaz Ali shows India as the perfect tourist location- highlighting Rajasthan and Shimla.

I’m not going to tell you the plot, because if you’ve stumbled here without watching the movie- I strongly advise that you get a pack full of popcorn and bundle yourself in for an amazing 3 hours. The music score of the movie is top notch- with all my favourite songs ever being from the movie.

Here are a few life lessons that I learned from Geet and Adi.

  1. Be your own favourite

    Swatiness_Jab We Met- I am my favourite

    Loving yourself is so important- because if you are not your own favourite- then how do you expect someone else to make you their favourite. You know what I mean?

  2. Make your own decisions and get ready to bear consequences

    Swatiness_Jab We Met-Decisions.gif

    Whether it was running away, or staying away- Geet stuck to her decisions. Her reasoning behind everything she did was she didn’t want to blame somebody else and would know whatever life is because of her own decisions. She stuck to her decision of running away and bearing the consequences of the rejection that followed. She could have gone back home but decided to stay.

    “Aagey kya hone wala hai, is pe kisi ka control nahin hai. Toh aise mein main wahi karti hoon jo mera dil kehta hai. Meri life jo bhi hogi, mujhe pata hoga ki meri wajeh se aisi hai. Toh I’ll be happy.

  3. Never settle

    Swatiness_Jab We Met-Never settle.gif

    Decisions bring me to a third lesson- of never settling. We make our own happy ending- and it’s simply by choosing what really makes us happy- and not giving into thinking what we think our hearts want.

  4. Childish madness is sometimes a necessity

    Swatiness_Jab We Met-Decisions

    Sometimes the best way to dealing with things is through the utter childish madness. Whether it’s burning and flushing a picture of your ex, or you know, casually calling them up and screaming every imaginable swear word you know. Trust me- it works.

  5. Keep talking


    It’s okay to be that person who keeps talking- even when she’s sleeping. You don’t need a special occasion to keep talking endlessly (and filter-free). Although- do add some filters.

  6. Be thoughtful

    giphy (1)

    Be your own favourite, keep talking, make your own decisions but in all that, always be thoughtful about others. The whole plot of Jab We Met revolves around Geet missing her train because she went to get Aditya back to the train. She supports his case in front of the ticket collector in the train and literally stops him from falling to his death.

  7. Everything will eventually be okay


    This is something this movie teaches me every time I forget, or need hearing it again- that it might take a while till things are better, but they will get better.

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