14 Super Relatable Quotes from The Mindy Project

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This morning was all about first things first. Everyone knows that The Mindy Project is streaming its last ever season, and the first of the last season’s episode is finally out. It’s bittersweet, I’ve been waiting for the season for a while, but I don’t want the series to end just because it’s one of the best shows ever. And to celebrate it’s new episode (ignoring the fact that it’s the very last season), here are few of my favourite quote from the Mindy Project and 14 (of the many reasons) why Mindy is my spirit animal.

Fun Fact: I’ve actually named my new car ‘Mindy’ after Mindy Kaling. (My previous car, which I crashed in a horrible accident was named ‘Blair’ after Blair Waldorf).

  1. A lot of people don’t understand this. You don’t just have one best friend anymore, I mean how can you?
    Swatiness_the Mindy Project_quote 1
    Swatiness_the Mindy Project_quote 2
  2. Truer words have never been spoken. Men, get off your high horses.
    Swatiness_the Mindy Project_quote 3
  3.  I’m Reall-ll-ly not good at saying no.
  4. Some conversations are just not worth the headache.
    Swatiness_the Mindy Project_quote 6
  5. I make this promise to myself every day, only to climb quietly on the escalator.
  6. Every time I do something stupid, especially intentional stupid.
    Swatiness_the Mindy Project_quote 9
  7. You know, every time I order extra cheese, I never actually get it. Hmm.
    Swatiness_the Mindy Project_quote 10
  8. Hello, every day.
    Swatiness_the Mindy Project_quote 11
  9. Another way to ride unintentional stupid.
    Swatiness_the Mindy Project_quote 12
  10. Note to self:
    Swatiness_the Mindy Project_quote 13
  11. Hear me, I’m going to solve you, your life and your love life. Am I intruding? I don’t care.
    Swatiness_the Mindy Project_quote 14
  12. This is the shortest, coolest pep talk.
    Swatiness_the Mindy Project_quote 17
  13. Every time some one starts to initiate I’ve put on a little weight. EXCUSE MEEEE.
  14. The best one for the end. I’ve actually faced this. There was this insanely hot guy, couldn’t use grammar to save his life, this emotion summed all my feelings.
    Swatiness_the Mindy Project_quote 15

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