Handwritten Hoodie from ‘& Other Stories’

I know it’s still summer months, especially here in Dubai. But, with the crazy heat outside, the insides have the air-con on blast, making one feel like working with snow falling. And as someone who freezes instantly, I’m always carrying jackets around everywhere. This season’s favourite has been this pretty funky looking hoodie from & Other Stories x Kim Gordan.

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Safe to say, this hoodie is coming with me to wherever I go.

Honest confession, I didn’t know who Kim Gordan was (I’m a 90s kid, and even in the 90s, I spent the first half as a toddler). But, I got in touch with the & Other Stories team and got all the deets.

& Other Stories were thrilled to introduce their new co-lab collection by Kim Gordon – artist, writer, musician and co-founder of Sonic Youth. The co-lab collection features a curated selection of pieces, crafted from organic cotton and silk, decorated with exclusive artwork by Kim Gordon.

For & Other Stories, the inspirational power of Kim Gordon never fades. The dream of collaborating with her gained new life with the opening of their design atelier in Los Angeles. Being a California native, Kim’s perspective and expression is a natural reflection of this direction. She created exclusive graphics for this co-lab collection, transforming basic wardrobe staples into special pieces with a whole new personality.

Kim Gordon & Other Stories (9)

“Dealing with the structured shapes of t-shirts and hoodies in this collection was almost like working with empty canvases. I decided to do pronouns because I like the idea of a word, and the sense of drama surrounding it. Thinking of a word can create an atmosphere, and there’s a certain mystery about it. The screen printing makes the pieces feel more crafted and one-of-a-kind. Especially the abstract prints, they almost look tie-dyed, but more like art in a way. I like contrasts and when something unexpectedly is looking glam. Today, I think women can curate their environment by what they wear,” says Kim Gordon.

The concept for the graphics started with the pronoun “her” and then grew from there to include “they”, “the other”, “the shadow”, “the end” and “morning mirror” alongside more abstract paintings. Kim hand-painted the words and the abstract motifs with metallic ink on rice paper, contrasting the structed shapes of the garments with a performative feel. With carefully chosen printing techniques, each piece in this co-lab collection reflects the same authentic feel and depth as Kim’s original artwork.

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