Chic Interior Inspiration – Manzil Downtown

Housed in a building with sand-hued facades and traditional Arabic architecture, the Manzil Downtown is an upscale boutique hotel designed in a contemporary Islamic style. Like its home city of Dubai, it is a fusion of tradition and modern sophistication, a blend of the old and the new.

Geometric motifs used in Islamic art influenced much of the property’s interior. The elegant lobby is set out in warm, earthy tones, and illuminated by natural light seeping through the soaring windows. Subtle traditional accents are featured throughout the furniture, carpets and art, while striking views of the iconic Burj Khalifa add a touch of grandeur.

Arabesque patterns served as the inspiration behind the stunning two-story-high back-lit feature wall in the hotel’s lobby. The eight-meter-long runner in the lobby was inspired by patterns used in kilim rugs, which have been produced since ancient times in the Muslim world, combined with the textures and colours of Dubai’s deserts and skies.

The hotel’s rooms are a perfect blend of form and function, featuring comfortable m furniture with arabesque details. The colour palette used in the guest rooms is a balance of warm and cool tones, featuring walnut timber and grey textured fabrics. The artworks in the guest rooms are integrated with the overall design, featuring large leatherettes printed with Arabic letters in contemporary form. The fitted carpets are custom designed and inspired by geometric patterns.

The Manzil’s signature restaurant, Boulevard Kitchen, is divided into three distinct sections – a café, a dining area, and a deli bar. Combining Arabic tradition with global multicultural tastes, the restaurant is adorned with laser-cut metal panels and features intricate floors with Arabesque geometric patterns.

Inspired by the traditional courtyards of old Arabia, the courtyard is the heart of the property offering a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city to mingle with friends and family. The patterns and textures used throughout the courtyard showcase a contemporary take on the Bedouin look with the colour palette being slightly stronger as compared to other areas. The seating concept is inspired by the traditional dewan and features a mix of clean contemporary line seating and comfortable sofa and armchair groups.

Niche seating groups are also available for private gatherings with a traditional majlis setting with a modern twist. Custom designed chandeliers add to the ambience, creating beautiful patterns on the walls.

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