5 Favourite Breakfasts in Dubai

1. Friends Avenue, JLT

Honestly, they’re my go-to place for breakfast meetings. It’s not too busy, not too quiet, and the waffles are delicious! Their chocolate waffles with caramelized bananas are to DIE for, but, they keep their menu updated and these Oreo Waffles are everything!

Available every day; costs about AED 150 for two (roughly about two mains, two coffees and a bottle of water)

2. Nezesaussi Grill Downtown at Manzil Downtown
Their breakfasts are super popular for their sport-y feel. They have just launched a new Bench Breakfast where the team will not only ensure you are taken care of but will
also be able to give you a break down on the latest Rugby news! Their pancakes are SUPER delicious.

Available every Saturday, 9.30am to 12pm; costs AED 99 per person (buffet style)


3. 3in1, Vida Downtown
I’m obsessed, like OBSESSED, with Granola Parfait. It’s so fresh and delicious. The pancakes and waffles are their bestsellers. When the weather is pleasant, you can sit by the pool which is the most instagrammable thing.

Available every day; they have ala carte and buffet options 

Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 12.48.49 PM.png

4. BQ, St. Regis Dubai
Not only is the hotel so lavish, their breakfast buffet spread is something straight out of Versailles (which funnily enough, is also the name of their brunch). There are loads on offer, but I mostly gobbled after the pastries.

Available every day; it’s buffet for AED 165 per person  


5. Wild and The Moon, Al Serkal Avenue

I actually went in to try the acai bowls that seem to be everywhere, and while the serving was not the biggest that I was imagining it to be, I can tell you that Acai bowls are going to be my new brekkie buddy to my Parfaits.  It’s also literally the prettiest, quietest place to work from.

Available every day; about AED 150 for two people (two acai bowls and two coffee)



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