Explore Lake Como from Grand Hotel Tremezzo

Since opening its doors in 1910, Grand Hotel Tremezzo has always attracted renowned artists and writers, while inspiring many with its rich history and charming nature. As part of the romantic route of the European grand tours in the early 1900s, the property has become a must-stop destination for the international travelling elite.


With more than 73 museums, 11 medieval castles and lots of legendary villas spread around Lake Como, one visit will not be enough to discover all the gems around Grand Hotel Tremezzo.

Guests can go back in time hundreds of years by hiking up on the stone path between the forests to one of the oldest castles on the shores of Lake Como, the late 11th- century Castello di Vezio. At the castle, guests can learn about and recognise the genuine taste of exquisite extra virgin olive oil with other small appetizers, while visiting an old oil mill and a typical olive grove on the hillside during a stunning walk along Varenna’s lakeside.

The love and passion for silk has ancient origins in Como, and this can be discovered at the Educational Silk Museum, which houses collections and displays of machines, objects, documents, samples and instruments that played witness to the glorious past of the textile industry that to this day recognises Como as the “City of Silk”.

The Theatre of Como (Teatro Sociale di Como) was built on land that was originally occupied by the Castello della Torre Rotonda. Como’s opera theatre was originally designed by Giuseppe Cusi in 1811, but many other eminent Italian architects were involved in its various modifications and restorations over time.

Grigne at Sunset.jpg

The Villa Carlotta is the most famous on Lake Como, from its centuries-old botanical gardens to its paintings, sculptures and tapestries inside.  Villa Carlotta hosts many cultural events and festivals such as the Lake Como Festival. Taking place between July and September, the festival includes several artistic and cultural events from celebrating the 120th death anniversary of famous German composer and pianist, Johannes Brahms in memory of his residence in the Villa, to the marble room where the young Como-born pianist of international fame, Christian Leotta, will perform the second part of the 32 piano sonatas by Ludwig van Beethoven.

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An art-nouveau landmark with its enduring sophisticated atmosphere, extraordinary location and proximity to the region’s charming villas, Grand Hotel Tremezzo has remained at the top of its class for over a century, enticing and entertaining discerning world travellers season after season.


Author: Swati Jain

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