Valentine’s Day: Where’s the cheese?

I can sense it as I write, a lot of my own best friends will be like, ‘what the hell, Swati!’ But, I cannot help it! I’m reading about love, and it’s Valentine’s day and I don’t see a lot of love! And while I’m a newly acquired advocate of self-love and self-relationships, I’m sorry to say, but, where is the cheese?!

Before, my own dear best friends you question my sanity for the nth time again, I respect feminism or willingly being single or not being in love. I know I celebrated last year by sending all of you a giant flower bouquet for being the super supportive squad, that you are. But, you know despite all circumstances and idiot boys, I’m a true romantic and love of all things cheese (including actual cheese). So, when you try to argue my sanity, bear in mind, I love ‘love’.

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Sorry for drifting away, but I think that was important to not get worried phone calls and facepalm emojis. Getting back to the topic, Valentine’s day is about celebrating love – all kinds of love – we have that figured out. And yes, wow it’s fantastic that people don’t want to celebrate it because really, love should be celebrated every day. But, are they? What are they doing to celebrate love every day?

Take the day as a token day – Valentine’s Day is a reminder to keep celebrating that love that you apparently already do every day! And what is wrong with that? I personally blame all these “aesthetic Instagram pleasers” for this trend. I was discussing this with my crazy friend, Radhika, who FYI, totally agrees with me, and she said, “Every day is self-love day, but Valentine’s Day is love love day.”

So, if you’re reading this and whatever be your relationship status – CELEBRATE IT! If you are 1/2 of a couple (god knows I’m all about monogamy but to each their own), go out for a nice dinner, maybe bring some heart candy or flowers or something cheesy along and make your significant other’s day. You might celebrate love every day, but today, celebrate it a little more. And if you are completely single, like I am, but love ‘love’, then watch a cheesy romantic movie, or read a cheesy book or take a long bubble bath or eat a box full of chocolates or party with other singles – I don’t know, I’d think these are enough examples to do on a weeknight! But, the point being, celebrate it! Bring back the cheese. There’s a lot of hate and violence in the world everywhere, a little love and celebration of love might do well.


Or you know, Happy 9-days-to-my-birthday! 

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