What are some ‘natural’ beauty brands?

Why is it that often with a skincare regime, when an acne breakout happens our immediate response is something out of our grandma’s books – which is more often than not something very simple, basic and natural? Till date, I trust in the powers of this ancient Indian moisturizer called ‘Vicco Turmeric’, most of it because it smells like my grandma.

This transition of moving to things that are more organic, refined and natural has been gradually gaining immense popularity, whether it’s our food, skincare and, even, makeup.  Detoxing has come a long way from just green juices, with people looking at detoxing their beauty cabinets and makeup bags.

Most natural beauty brands produce tinted lip balms, muddy eyeshadows, and even the occasional diminishing blush. We understand that it isn’t easy to find green beauty brands that produce vivid colours and formulas that could really work. Helping you along with your research, we have gathered a few out of favourite brands that use either all-organic ingredients or use a combination of natural and organic ingredients.  It is what they don’t use that counts: unnecessary chemicals, parabens, additives, etc.

A few products that we recommend:

Uncover Up - RMS Beauty.jpg

‘Uncover Up’ Foundations by RMS Beauty

They might not have as many foundations as Fenty Beauty, but all their 8 varied shades of foundation help in enhancing your skin. The formulas make for a flawless looking skin, but with sheer coverage.


Strike That Lipstick by Ilia Beauty

Lipsticks by ILIA Beauty

The brand’s ideology of simplicity and transparency is visible through their products. They use high-quality ingredients sourced from organic farmers around the world. Their lipsticks are probably the most popular of the range. The brand is popular for the organic classic true red. The formula just melts into your lips and builds a beautiful satin finish with a creamy texture.

Pure Pressed Blush - Jane Iredale

Pure Pressed Blush by Jane Iredale

Committed to enhancing beauty through natural products that nurture your skin, Jane Iredale’s blushes add as a supplement for healthy skin. There isn’t just one or two, but a whole of 11 colours to choose from! The colours stay on your cheek and add a colour of natural glow that complements the skin.

Emotional Brilliance by LushEyeliners and Eyeshadows from Lush Cosmetics

Lush has been the pioneer of natural products, so it was quite pleasing when they expanded into makeup. They’ve got a huge selection of eyeliners and eyeshadows to pick from. The colours are very pigmented and vivid and make great additions to the make-up bag.


Mascara Super Volume by The Body ShopMascaras by The Body Shop

Mascaras can be where most beauty brands might fail to deliver. But with at least 7 types of mascaras to select from, you can add a little definition to your lashes, whether it’s dramatic or vintage.


Written originally for Masala! Magazine (February 2018)

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