Shopping: Contemporary Cotton Dresses from Indian-Based Brands

Summer clothing very easily translated into colourful cotton dresses that have the perfect flow and ease the pain of (not) putting on trousers. Especially when it comes to work wear (and let me remind you, I live in Dubai where it’s at least 40* Celsius), there is nothing more I love than just putting on an easily fitted dress that is soft, comfortable and looks nice.

Since you don’t know me too well, and I’d like really like you to, I’m a shopaholic – I can shop in stores and online – you know how everyone has that one friend who is exactly like the lead of Confession of a Shopaholic? I’m literally that friend for all my friends. But, that’s a whole other post and coming back to the point, I started researching and well, shopping.

I stumbled upon these incredible Indian brands that do amazing contemporary summer dresses that look good and make you feel good.


This one isn’t a massive secret – considering it is a huge chain and has stores all over India and internationally. They are known for their amazing cotton kurtas and contemporary designs. I LOVE their dresses – I’ve worn them till mummy decided to use them as rag clothes to clean the house. They are on a mid-level price point – but it’s the quality that counts, their quality is amazing. Whether it’s their cotton or silk – it is worth it.

They do have an online shopping portal which is really awesome, but you will obviously find a wider range in-stores.

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Pinwheel India by Rashi Jain

This one’s very close to the heart because it’s by my lovely (cousin) sister-in-law, Rashi bhabhi. She’s a Fashion Major and has an eye for prints and cuts. She creates custom-made pieces with limited designs – but every design is as eye-catching as the other and makes you want to buy everything! The feel of the entire brand is contemporary, playful and colourful – very in-line with my whole personality (and every mood). She does ship worldwide, but as I mentioned its custom-made, so you will need to send in your exact fittings for the best fit.

The Jodi Life

I’m seriously obsessed with their page – they produce the quirkiest prints – that are actually hand-block printed themselves. Their dresses are super quirky and fun – and perfect for basically everything. They’ve recently also started a new no-waste policy where they are taking bits and pieces of all cloth pieces and are creating blankets out of them – all of which are so colourful and sustainable!

They do ship internationally, which is music to my ears – and because not a lot of people around me know about them, it works very well in my favour with everyone asking where I got my dress from!

Vastra By Milonee

Such a cute brand, they have beautiful prints and designs – I wanted to buy every single option that they had because it was perfect for the summer. They’ve got new dresses coming out all the time and are full of light and dark colours. They are also at mid-level price points – and the clothes definitely look like they are worth it. The only catch is that they do deliveries within India. I’m trying to get a hold of someone coming in to get me a few pieces to try – but until then, I’m at the mercy of Instagram envy and elaborate wishlists.


This was one of the first Indian contemporary brands that I discovered and is a beautiful brand that celebrates Indian art and craft. The pieces are exceptionally beautiful – and luxuriously priced. They create dresses, lehengas, suits and more – each piece more exceptional than the other. I’ll definitely be knocking on their website, come a fancy family event.

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