Story Time: I left my camera in Prague

I’ve been known for being clumsy, forgetful and, everything in the general theme that my dad would describe as ‘irresponsible’. I try my best to not let that shadow over my great achievements which include not losing my passport, my wallet, or accidentally reading the wrong time and missing my flight anymore. But, it is hard, you know. When falling down a single stair while standing perfectly still is not upto you, it’s hard to not fall.

Anywhoo, earlier in June, I was on a family (parents, sibling, grandparents, family friends & their kids) trip around Europe, beginning with Czech Republic (Prague & Cesky Krumlov), Austria (Hallstatt, St. Gilgen, Wolfgangsee, Salzburg, Vienna), Slovakia (Bratislava) and ending in Hungary (Gyor & Budapest). So, Prague was literally our first destination in a long list of many.

After spending 3 days in Czech Republic, we were taking the train to Salzburg at some 7 AM, and had called for taxis. Always one for the back seat, I sat there – with my backpack and camera bag and a small stroller. When we got down, I was in such a rush, I picked up whatever I could and got down.

We were way too early for the train (nothing new about that), and everything on the station was closed (really nothing new about that) – so we just sat and waited. We boarded our train to Salzburg.

Now, there was some work going on in a station in the middle so they stopped our trains and said there are buses waiting outside that’ll drive us to next station – but meaning with an obvious delay of an hour. Confused, dazed and very sleepy, we got on the bus.

Let me tell you, the country-side was stunning. Green everywhere, hills, small coloured houses, giant fields- it was things right out of poetry. As soon as I sat, I was wow-ed. I put in my music – at this point, the bus hadn’t even begun moving. And I hastily looked for my camera bag – when the realization struck. In the backseat of the bloody taxi.

My first thought was obvious – find a different bus and run away. And as I suffer a very frequent case of ‘speaking with thinking’, I blurted out OMG I LEFT THE CAMERA IN PRAGUE. For the tiniest second, my dad looked at me hoping I was joking, but then he realized the kind of monkey I am and looked like he wanted to kick me out on the side of Czech/Austrian countryside.

But that wasn’t worse, my grandparents were with us, and they only know me for my very stupid actions (you should ask my entire family – I’m very popular for them!). Luckily they were sitting in the front of the bus – so it wasn’t gruesome all at the same time.

At first, I got several repeated lectures of being silly, irresponsible, in-no-possible-way-of-ever-being-mature, immature, and so on. And then he called the taxi agency we’d booked the taxis through. Luckily (for me!!!!), they did find the camera and had it in their offices. Since it we were only in Salzburg for 2 nights, we asked them ship it straight to our address in Vienna.

When we arrived in Vienna, the camera didn’t. It was still somewhere between Czech and Austria. It arrived the day after we left for Budapest. So, my dear, dear dad just asked them to ship it to our home in Dubai.

The result was (backstory: my family friend’s kid broke his camera while actually going down the stairs in a castle in Prague) so we didn’t have any DSLRs to take beautiful pictures. So, everyone just took it on their phone – which kinda sucked for image quality. Considering how beautiful everything was!

But –

Happy ending: It did arrive – like a month after I first saw it – came with the memory card, nothing broken. 



Author: Swati Jain

I am the girl who can talk and talk and talk and talk and still continue to talk. The most ideal way to make me heard is to share it with everyone else. I'm not new at this, but I hope to be in a uninterrupted continuation of posting what's on my mind! I hope you enjoy!

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