Why I love ‘Jane the Virgin’ and you should too!

Our story begins about 5 and a half years ago, when I was stumbled upon the trailer of a show called ‘Jane the Virgin’. The title was enough to entice me and the opening trailer had me in giggles, intrigue and mystery – right away it went on my list.

Fast forward to today, the final season is dropping on Netflix this weekend and while I already watched as every episode dropped – I am ready to binge again! So, if you haven’t gotten on the Jane-parade – I’m here to convince you to start! We are at home, with nowhere to go – when can be better?

It’s a telenovela – which is basically a tv-show with a limited-run time and done in a typical Latin-American fashion. Meaning it’s dramatic, it’s surprising, it’s intriguing, its… its… its ADDICTIVE!

So, we begin with Jane. I mean, after all, the show is named after her. Jane is a virgin – who gets accidentally artificially inseminated by Rafael’s sperm by Rafael’s sister, Luisa instead of Rafael’s wife Petra. But, Jane is dating the cop Michael – who is looking into the murder of Rafael’s best friend’s murder – the same guy that Petra is having an affair with. Confused? Unconvinced? Okay, I will just list out reasons so you can start watching.


Jane is super relatable as a character – she’s not dangerously attractive that makes you wonder if you can ever relate. She’s cute – she’s your girl-next-door. She’s intelligent, charming, trustworthy, super competitive – all the qualities that make her so real.

Her obsession with grilled cheese sandwiches, her very real confusion between one extremely hot baby daddy and one kind of cute cop fiance or when she’s trying not to take sides between her mom and Abuela. She has her flaws too – especially when she’s about to get really angry. Oh, and did I mention she’s a pregnant virgin? That’s basically what the show is mostly about.

The Hot Men

I’ll be honest, quite a significant part of why I watch the show is because of the men on the show. Adding in the romance and mystery, there are three essential dreamboats that you need to know about – Rafael (Jane’s baby daddy) , Rogelio (Jane’s daddy) and Michael (Jane’s boyfriend/fiancé). If you are wondering, I’m on #TeamRafael all the way.

My favourite person on the show is The Narrator – better known as the Latin Love Narrator. Never before have I seen a show where the narrator had such an important role – his snide remarks, comments fit in seamlessly in every scene – collecting not only his thoughts, the characters’ thoughts but also the viewers!

Which brings me to –

Rafael Solano

I can’t be objective about this – it is what it is. I love Rafael. I wanted Jane to be with Rafael from the very moment they first kisses – five years before the show’s timeline – she should have always chosen Rafael. I am not sure what it was – the shirtless scenes, the sensitive side, the love he has for Jane and the kids or the way he always wanted the best for her – even if it was his expense – emotionally, mentally, economically.

While Jane was always the heroine we knew she is, Rafael’s character grew by the episode. From being the rich playboy to the joyous baby daddy to the man in love complete with the grand romantic gestures – there’s nothing you will not love about being on Team Rafael.

No Dull Moments!

Whether it’s Jane’s birthday with her mum Xiomara dancing seductively, or her favourite TV star turning out to be her dad or the fact that Rose wasn’t who she was or Petra had a twin. To say that the show is dramatic – is but of an understatement. On Jane the Virgin – there are no dull moments.

And while our dear Latin Lover Narrator adds a lot of intrinsic drama to the already dramatic scenes – Jane the Virgin has very unexpected cliff hangers – that aren’t just there for the sake of being dramatic. (I feel like this paragraph can be a drinking game for the word Drama).

There’s twists and turns and threats – that in on way or another affect and complicate every single character’s life. Some of the biggest arcs on the show that are often threatened and complicated are – Jane’s relationship with her mom, her ability to trust Rafael. It’s not just about #TeamRafael or #TeamJane – but conflicts that help the show grow more and kept me coming back on the edge of my seat episode after episode.

Relationships on the show

When it comes to relationships – they really did nail it. They showed all sides of all kinds of relationships – the mother-daughter relationship that Jane and her mom (Xiomara) have or the Xiomara and Abuela have or the one Petra has with hers. They are real, raw, messed up and just so entertaining for the most part. It sounds like a jumble as I’m saying it out loud – but the Latin Lover Narrator is really good at reminding/explaining/clearing out any doubts. My favourite relationship is the friendship of Jane and Petra – by the end of season 5 – that’s one of the relationships everyone ends up caring most about.

Rogelio and his DRAMATICNESS!

Gifs would be enough for him, honestly:

So, why don’t you join me and get on the Jane-parade!

Author: Swati Jain

I am the girl who can talk and talk and talk and talk and still continue to talk. The most ideal way to make me heard is to share it with everyone else. I'm not new at this, but I hope to be in a uninterrupted continuation of posting what's on my mind! I hope you enjoy!

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