La La Land

We’ve stumbled on a view,
That’s tailor-made for two,
What a shame those two are you and me…

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Baby, we’ve got bad blood.

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Is it chill that you are in my head?

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Ever had that feeling that in a particular moment – it’s just the two of you? Everything else – just comes to a standstill…

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A Moment

In our little world, lost – and perhaps, with a little love.

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The Eiffel

When I finally got to the Eiffel. Could it be love at first sight?

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Lavender Field

Its not often that inspiration strikes – especially for a poem. But, flowers, often, are the best muse.

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Happiness Collides

Happiness collides, With a little sorrow and mumbling lies. Knew you from a time before, Knew enough, to know you more. You continue looking, Straight into my eyes. Talking in another language, I couldn’t confide. I still remember the softness Of your beautiful eyes. I miss the way you looked at me, And how you […]

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Hope, you.

The gush of the wind, Awoke my slumber, I reached for my phone, Nothing again, I trembled. Languishing with my thoughts, Awaiting escape to another slumber. Whole twinkling passes, Nothing again, I know. My imagination runs with wings, Thinking my phone would ring. You’d want to come back, I wouldn’t have to ask, You would, […]

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