Meet Swati

A Twenty-something with a gift of gab, a knack for whimsical chatter, creativity and writing, I am the Piscean born who can talk and talk and talk and talk and still continue to talk (and sometimes even write).

I enjoy travelling, dreaming about travelling, writing, reading romance novels, dreaming about romance and watching lots of TV shows in whatever time spared.


This little website is my baby and a platform for me to write about whatever the hell I want- that isn’t a press release or a pitch to a press release!

Drop me a line on if you want to get in touch!

From Delhi, India
Based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
I work as a Senior Executive in a PR Agency, The Qode in Dubai

Instagram: Swatsiie follow for travel pictures, cutesy life quotes and clumsy insta-stories.

Countries Visited

Europe: Finland, Estonia, Russia, Georgia, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Slovakia, Ukraine, France, United Kingdom
Asia: Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, India, Maldives, Hong Kong, Macau
Middle East: The United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia (lived there for 5 years), Oman, Lebanon, Jordan

Fun Facts

Guilty Read:
I inhale romance novels. I read The Princess by Jude Deveraux (raunchy and romantic) when I was in high school, which is, really, a longer Mills and Boon and it’s still my go-to guilty read.

Favourite TV Shows:
Gossip Girl, The Office, The Mindy Project, Stranger Things, Marvel Agents of Shield, The Office, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Crown, The Middle, Modern Family

Essential travel item: Earphones, cheesy romance novel and my DSLR camera. If I can, I will carry my laptop! And my pink hoodie- I’m always cold!


Favourite holiday spot:
Currently, I’m just dreaming about going back to Saint Petersburg. There’s so much history (brutal, but mostly beautiful) lurking in every corner and the city. Don’t even get me started on the million rivers and the Hermitage.

The one place you really want to go visit:
Athens, Greece. I’m a bit of a history buff, would love to see the old ruins!

Best piece of advice for a traveller :
Try to spend more time looking directly at the view, instead of looking through the camera. Be present in the moment, and enjoy what’s in front of you. Especially if it’s after a 10km hike.