Dubai’s Trendiest Places

There are barely parts of Dubai that aren’t fancy and trendy- barely. In that theory, it’s probably won’t be an easy job to find Dubai’s trendiest spots right? But, Foursquare, did! They curated a list of 15 of Dubai’s fanciest places. And yes, most of them are just restaurants! Jetty Lounge Located in the One&Only…

Green Aesthetic for a Sunny Thursday

It’s too hot here in Dubai, and I’m literally looking for shade. And the best shade- trees! The little green around kinda gives me a sense of peace and less-er heat. I hope this selection of a little green helps with a little shade to your sunny day!

Postcard: Northern Lights from Rovaneimi, Finland

A phenomenon known as Aurora Borealis in the magnetic poles of Northern Hemisphere are the Nature’s own theater and lights show. Best viewed from Norway, Finland, and Iceland, it should be, if it already isn’t on everyone’s list of things to see. I traveled to Rovaniemi in the Lapland (Finland), to see the Northern Lights. While…

Favourite TV Couples

They came together and they stole our hearts. Their stories touched and enlightened us in a way one can’t explain. Here’s to the hope of true love!

Book Review: ‘Just Haven’t Met You Yet’ by Cate Woods

I ordered this book off Amazon to Delhi when I was there last. I had ordered like 15 books- and this was one of them. It’s Cate Woods debut novel and it came highly recommended from all the GoodReads reviews. The book is very interesting, and the protagonist, Percy James SUPER hilarious. The book, based…

Moscow’s Places to See

If you are planning to visit Moscow and are wondering about everything you need to see- here’s a list that will have your itinerary sorted!

Blue Aesthetic Inspiration for Monday Blues

Lately, I’ve been rather obsessed with Pinterest, and I’m obviously curating- what in my opinion are- the prettiest albums. And since Mondays are often connected with blues- these blues will probably help you get rid of them!

Book Review: ‘Going La La’ by Alexandra Potter

If you don’t know already, I’m a sucker for contemporary chick-lit/romance novels. Alexandra Potter’s ‘Do You Come Here Often’ is actually one of my favourite books to read. I’ve been trying to get my hands on Going La La for quite some time, seeing as it was her second novel and was released in 2001…

Postcard: Yala National Park, Sri Lanka

If you were to believe only all the Instagram posts for Sri Lanka, you’d think it’s all about the beaches, the sunsets and the coconuts. But, that’s far from true. Yala National Park in Sri Lanka is the country’s most popular national park. The park has the highest density of Leopards in the world. While it…

14 Touristy Places to see in Delhi

Say you are going to Delhi, to do the tourist-y things. Where do you begin? As someone who is natively from Delhi, that is a very tough question. Whenever I’m visiting Delhi there are a few places that I have to go to (mostly to hog, but still): 1. Chandni Chowk to eat Bedmi Aloo…

Statement Earrings this Summer

When it comes to jewellery this summer, everyone’s wearing oversized, statement earrings. Out are the tiny studs, little hoops, and the tiny drop of pearls, replaced with colourful pom-poms, super-long tassels and fun geometric shapes in metallic gold. And with so many of us on a statement (haha) budget, we can’t really go all out…

Pink Aesthetic Inspiration for Thursday

I know, we wear pink on Wednesdays, but if you’re anything like me- it’s Pink day, every day! Here’s a few bits and bobs (in pink, obviously!) from Pinterest!