But, Tomorrow

It is easy to imagine the big moments – the ones that become a part of your story for later; but its the simpler moments that are tough to imagine. Like standing in line at the grocery store – buying cereal or being so tired you crash without as much as a ‘how was your day’. But, tomorrow – can you imagine these simple, boring yet very real moments with someone?

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La La Land

We’ve stumbled on a view,
That’s tailor-made for two,
What a shame those two are you and me…

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Baby, we’ve got bad blood.

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Ever had that feeling that in a particular moment – it’s just the two of you? Everything else – just comes to a standstill…

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A Moment

In our little world, lost – and perhaps, with a little love.

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The Eiffel

When I finally got to the Eiffel. Could it be love at first sight?

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7 Best Wedding Locations in the United Arab Emirates

When it comes to Indian weddings, there is one thing for sure, there are lots of ceremonies, grandeur, red and glitter. From the little details to the much bigger ones, everything about them – whether big or small- requires a lot of attention (and some “relative” scrutiny). But, since the bigger things lay heavier on […]

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Road Rage

I quit driving because of bad timing: I couldn’t brake fast enough. ‘Slow down,’ my dad would say, and I would stop abruptly instead. I do not have that gear. * When you said, ‘Let’s take it slow’, I was already at the altar, waiting for you. Our car crashed before you could make it […]

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