Shopping: Contemporary Cotton Dresses from Indian-Based Brands

If you are thinking colourful easy dresses that always look good, you’re thinking right!

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The Beige Aesthetic

I don’t know about you, but I love collecting aesthetically similar pictures in different folders and mood boards. It helps me find inspiration to connect them in a chain (apart from their colour similarity) and to create a story. So, this Wednesday afternoon, I was staring out the window and saw all this sand (obvious, […]

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What are some ‘natural’ beauty brands?

Why is it that often with a skincare regime, when an acne breakout happens our immediate response is something out of our grandma’s books – which is more often than not something very simple, basic and natural? Till date, I trust in the powers of this ancient Indian moisturizer called ‘Vicco Turmeric’, most of it […]

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