Moscow’s Places to See

If you are planning to visit Moscow and are wondering about everything you need to see- here’s a list that will have your itinerary sorted!

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10 Places/Things to see in Saint Petersburg, Russia

“St. Petersburg is a gem of world culture and Russia’s most European city.” Valentina Matviyenko Last September, I visited Saint Petersburg, Russia. There’s something about the city and how it gets under your skin and soul. The city of rivers with a heart full of history and secrets, there wasn’t anything I didn’t like about […]

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Emotional Stages of Watching my First Ballet Show

Just last month, at the age of 23, I finally saw my first ballet show. Growing up, I have always heard the words, ‘Russian’ and ‘Ballet’, go together. So obviously, when the trip to Moscow and St. Petersburg was finalised, I looked up whether the Bolshoi Theatre (Moscow) had seats. *Bolshoi theatre has one of […]

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